The Southwest Region Contest Directors recently met to review the 2024 contest calendar. Here's a peak at the tentative 2024 SW Calendar of events... please take time to thank our Contest Directors, Mark Huntly, Mike Croft, Luke Ackerman, Don Radford, Bill Vargas, Dale Grant and Kim Quenette for their time and effort in making events happen in the Southwest region!
Event Date Area
Season Primer (sequence coaching, tuning) 1/20/24 Lake Havasu, AZ
Bohn Field Spring Fling (ALT Sequence) 2/3/2024 Florence, AZ
Hold open for new field opportunity 2/23/2023 TBD
Oakdale "Spring Fling" IMAC 3/9/2023 NorCal
Tucson IMAC (Alt Sequence) 3/23/2024 Tuscon, AZ
Hemet IMAC 4/6/2024 Hemet, CAl
Arizona Model Aviators IMAC (Alt Sequence - noise sensitive area) 4/20/2024 Apache Junction, AZ
Remote Possibilities IMAC (Alt Sequence) 5/4/2024 St. George, UT
EPRC SC-SW Smackdown 5/18/2024 El Paso, TX
Bear Mountain IMAC 5/25/2024 NorCal
West Coast Challenge 6/8/2024 NorCal
Oakdale "Summer Fun" IMAC 7/6/2024 NorCal
Nationals 7/16-19/24 Muncie, IN
Hold open for new field opportunity 8/17/2024 TBD
Salinas IMAC 2 8/24/2024 NorCal
Gold Rush Challenge 9/7/2024 NorCal
Hesperia IMAC (Alt Sequence) 9/14/2024 Victorville, CA
Kings Canyon IMAC Challenge (Alternate Sequence) 9/28/2024 NorCal
Shootout 10/16-10/20 TBD
Southwest Regionals (ALT Sequence) 11/2/2024 TBD