IMAC Organization


7650 S McClintock Dr
Ste 103 #341
Tempe, AZ 85284


President - Alex Dreiling

Hello IMAC Family! I am a resident of Queen Creek Arizona where my wife Elise and I are raising three children. I Have been in the RC hobby since age 7 and my passion for RC has spanned airplanes, helicopters and drones. I am an IMAC Unlimited pilot, a Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Invitational pilot and very excited to be the president of the IMAC organization.
Contact me anytime through email

Vice President - Jacques Telles
I'm excited to be the new IMAC Vice President supporting our new President, Alex Dreiling. I'm a 25+ year IT professional and radio control enthusiast. I've flown large scale radio control airplanes for 18 years and currently fly in Advanced. I have a strong background in project management and working with teams world wide to develop, deploy and support solutions that improve an organization's value to the community and its stakeholders. I believe in an open door policy and encourage anyone to reach out to me directly with your ideas and inputs related to IMAC.

 Secretary - Rick Crow

have been involved in IMAC for the last 5 years in the North West Region as a Contest Director and ARD. I currently fly in Sportsman in the NW and look forward to helping grow the IMAC organization. My wife Debbie and I live in rural Montana and enjoy the outdoors. I am a CD, and ARD in the NW and AVP in District XI for the AMA and Regional Judging School instructor attending the IJS in Phoenix in 2019.

Treasurer - Jim McCall

I have been flying model airplanes since 2007 and started flying IMAC in 2014. I have competed in many contests in the SW region including the Tucson Shootout (twice). I won the SW regional championships in 2015 (Sportsman) and 2016 (Intermediate). I currently compete in the advanced class and really enjoy being a part of the IMAC community. I retired in Dec 2020 and look forward to helping the IMAC organization.

North East Regional Director - Dave Dupre

I live in Scituate, MA with my amazing wife Betsy and our three children. I started flying control line in 1975 and then moved on to R/C soon after that. I flew classic pattern back then. Like many, life happened, and I took a long break from R/C, but the aviation bug never left me. I came back to the hobby in 2014 and started flying IMAC in 2018. I currently fly in the Advanced class. I look forward to working with other IMAC flyers to help promote and grow this great hobby of ours.

South East Regional Director - Primo Rivera

I live in Grovetown Ga with my AMAZING supporting family - my wife Esmeralda, two sons - Jacob and Adrian, and daughter Luz Mercedes. I thank God for them and the never-ending support they offer, without it; I would not be able to enjoy this hobby. My first IMAC contest was in NC in 2008, after I landed and talked to the judges the only three words I heard were, “you have skills” and well, I have been “plane-broke” ever since. I have attended many contests as well as the international judging School three times.

North Central Regional Director - Jamie Hicks

Bio Coming Soon

South Central Regional Director - Tim Hughes
Tim Hughes

I will be starting my 6th IMAC Season in 2023.  I flew one contest at the end of 2017 and was hook.  Completed a full season in 2018 and have been having a great time ever since.  I have participated in local contests mostly.  Attended Nats in 2022 and have attended judging schools every year.

 North West Regional Director - Tim Cooper
tim cooper
I'm from Nampa Idaho Where I've lived for the last 20 years. I've been involved with R/C aircraft since I was a young boy and started flying IMAC in 2007. I work for Western Trailers where I'm a department manager with 19 years of service. I love aircraft and have a great passion for the spirit of competition and IMAC!

 Southwest Regional Director - Kim Quenette

Bio Coming Soon

 Europe Regional Director


My first airplane has been a little wood glider that my father help me to build when I was seven.  Since then, the airplane virus never left me, being more or less impactful during the different stages of my life.  I live very close to Milano, in Italy, but I spent most of my career as an International business executive working all over the world.  After participating as a judge to the IMAC Worlds in 2014, I leveraged my European air-modeling connections to capture the potential of IMAC in this Region.

 Asia Pacific Regional Director - Michael Hobson


I live in Brisbane, Australia and have been an active IMAC competitor for over 12 years. I’ve served on the board of the Australian Scale Aerobatics Association (the NSIG for IMAC in Australia for 7 years including 2 years as President). I have CD’d multiple National Championships and run many judging schools in Australia. In 2019 I will CD the inaugural Asia Pacific Regional IMAC Championships In Australia. I look forward to working with other passionate IMAC flyers in the region to promote and grow IMAC in the Asia Pacific.

 Latin America Regional Director


I entered the RC model arena in 1998 and became an IMAC competitor 1999.In 2009 I started regional judging schools, touring several states around Mexico. I have been honored to help grow Latin American Region and I will continue working even harder than ever.


Article I – Name

Sec. 1 -Name

The name of this organization shall be the International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC).

Article II – Location

Sec. 1 - Location

The offices for the transaction of business shall designated by the BOD.

Article III – Objectives and Purposes

Sec. 1 - Objectives

The objectives of this organization shall be to facilitate, promote, and further realism in radio controlled Scale Aerobatics and to further the Purposes.

Sec. 2 - Purposes

The Purposes of this organization shall be:

A. To develop competition rules and guidelines for radio controlled scale aerobatics based upon and insofar as possible consistent with full-scale aerobatic practice.

B. To promote the sport of radio controlled scale aerobatics through communication and leadership.

C. To achieve and recognize excellence in the judging of radio controlled scale aerobatics.

D. To assist and encourage those interested in entering the sport of radio controlled scale aerobatics.

E. To work closely with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and manufacturers to promote and ensure safe flight operations.

F. The Board of Directors will publish and maintain a policy for conducting IMAC contests (CD Guide). This policy shall include but not be limited to acceptable practices, deviation requests, penalties and will serve to clarify possible rule ambiguity.

Article IV – Membership

Sec. 1 - Eligibility

Membership is open to any person who wishes to further the purposes of the organization.

Sec. 2 - Application for Membership

Application for membership shall be made to the Treasurer or through any Officer. The application shall be accompanied by at least one year’s dues. Upon membership approval, the new member shall be given an official number and membership card will be available online or through the mail.

Sec.3 - Duration of Membership

Membership may terminate by death, voluntary withdrawal, or otherwise pursuant to the Bylaws. The right of said member to vote, and all other privileges and interest of a member in or to the Society and property thereof, shall cease upon the termination of membership.

Sec. 4 - Suspension and Expulsion

Membership may be suspended or terminated based upon violation of the provisions of these Bylaws or any rule or agreement adopted by the organization or any other conduct prejudicial to the interests of the organization.

Such suspension or expulsion shall be by a two-thirds vote by the Board of Directors. A statement of the charges shall be sent by registered mail to the last recorded address of the member at least 15 days before the final action is taken.

Such statement shall be accompanied by a notice of the time at which the charges are to be considered and the member shall have the opportunity to respond in writing to present any defense to such charges before action is taken.

Sec. 5 - Affiliate members

The Board of Directors may establish standards for non-voting affiliate countries that wish to maintain their independent organizations, but conduct IMAC contests using IMAC contest standards.

Article V - Dues and Assessments

Sec. 1 - Dues

Membership dues are paid annually on a year to date basis.

Sec. 2 - Dues

The amount of dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors. All payment of dues shall be made to the Treasurer. To remain in good standing, a member shall have his dues paid currently.

Sec. 3 - Delinquencies

Dues for each calendar year shall be paid in advance. Any member who is delinquent in payment of dues will automatically have his membership terminated.

Sec. 4 - Assessments

The membership is not assessable.

Sec. 5 - Distribution of Assets

Upon final dissolution of the organization and surrender of the organization and name, and after all debts are paid and a final audit completed, all funds remaining in the Treasury shall be donated to such recognized charitable or non-profit organizations, as determined by a two-thirds vote of the entire Board of Directors then existing. All dues collected and other income must be used for the purposes of the organization and shall not inure to the benefit of any individual member.

Sec. 6 - Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership may be conferred upon a person who has rendered distinguished service to the organization or sport. Proposals for Honorary Membership shall be made to the Board of Directors for their approval, acceptance, and conferment. These positions shall be simply complimentary, carrying with them the right to attend meetings and to speak, but not to make motions or to vote.

Article VI – Officers

Sec. 1 - Executive Officers and Regional Directors

A. The Executive Officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by one or by two persons.

B. The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by IMAC members in good standing by mail ballot, electronic ballot or combination of both, and shall hold office for two years from date of installation, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

C. Regional Directors shall be elected by IMAC members in good standing within their region by mail ballot, electronic ballot or combination of both, and shall hold office for two years from date of installation, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

D. Executive Officers and Regional Directors may be reimbursed by the Treasurer for expenses directly related to organization business for amounts less than $10.00 per month; greater amounts must be approved by the BOD before disbursements.

Sec. 2 - President

The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and of the Board of Directors. He may call any special meeting of the members of the Board of Directors and shall have, subject to the advice and control of the Directors, general charge of the business of the organization. He or the Vice President shall execute with the Secretary all contracts, instruments, and checks which have been first approved by the Board of Directors.

Sec. 3 - Vice President

The Vice President shall be vested with all the powers and shall perform all the duties of the President in case of the absence, disability, or inability for any reason of the President to perform the duties of his office. The Vice President shall also perform such duties connected with the operation of the organization as he may undertake at the suggestion of the President or the Directors.

Sec. 4 - Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the members and of the Board of Directors in books provided for that purpose. He shall attend to the giving and serving of notices of all meetings of the members and of the Board of Directors. He shall execute with the President or vice President in the name of the organization, all contracts and instruments that have first been approved by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may appoint an Assistant Secretary to carry out the duties of the Secretary in his absence.

Sec. 5 - Treasurer

The Treasurer and the President or Vice President shall execute in the name of the organization all checks for expenditures authorized by the Board of Directors. He shall receive and deposit all funds of the organization in a bank selected by the Board of Directors from which funds shall be paid out. He shall also account for all receipts, disbursements, and balance of funds on hand. The Treasurer shall perform all other duties incident to said office subject to the control of the President and the Board of Directors. In the absence or incapacity of the Treasurer, the Board of Directors may delegate the duties of the Treasurer to another individual or individuals. The Treasurer will provide quarterly reports to the Board of Directors and an annual report for the membership to review. The Treasurer will provide a yearly budget to be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer’s records will be subject to audit by no less than 3 members at the beginning of each new calendar year.

Sec. 6 - Regional Directors

For the purpose of electing Regional Directors, the membership of the Club shall be divided into voting districts called Regions. IMAC members may petition the Board of Directors through the Request for Action process for the addition of a new region or the change of an existing boundary. The Board of Directors shall be empowered to create new regions or change the boundaries of existing regions. A Director must maintain his or her principal place of residence within the Area from which he was elected. Regional Directors shall promote, encourage, and sponsor the organization and operation of Regions.

Sec. 7 - Accountability of Officers

Any elected officer found by a two thirds vote of the BOD to be conducting themselves in a manner non becoming of the organization or it’s interests, shall be notified in writing of the offence. If uncorrected to the BOD’s satisfaction within 60 days of notice the offending party shall be removed from office by a second two thirds vote of the BOD and an interim officer put in place until such time as a regular election may be held. If the Administration itself is in question by the membership, a new election may be called by submission of two-thirds of the membership. New Executive Officers will be elected as per Article VI Sec. 1B. New Regional Directors will be elected as per Article VI Sec. 1C.Officers removed from office will remain members in good standing unless they do not meet the standards of Article IV.

Article VII – Board of Directors

Sec. 1 - Powers

The powers, business and property of the organization shall be exercised, conducted, and controlled by the Regional Directors elected one each from the IMAC regions as they exist at the time of such election, plus the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Sec. 2 - Methods and Processes

The Board of Directors shall determine the best communication method and medium for conducting all the business of the organization. It is the responsibility of the BOD to insure that this choice will permit all members to reasonably participate.

Sec. 3 - Term of Office

At the first election of the Board of Directors, the term of office shall be fixed at two years. At the expiration of the initial term of office of each respective Director, his successor shall be elected to serve for a term of two years. Directors shall hold office until their successors have been elected and hold their first meeting.

Sec. 4 - Presiding Officer

The President shall be a member of and shall preside over meetings of the Board of Directors.

Sec. 5 -Vacancies

In the event of a vacancy of the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer's office, the remaining Directors shall fill such vacancy by appointment from the IMAC membership. In the event a Regional Directorship becomes vacant, the Board shall appoint an acting Regional Director. For the next 60 days, members of the region may nominate new regional director candidates and a special election for that region will be held. If no new nominations are received within the 60 days, the person appointed by the board will be considered the regional director for the remaining term.

Sec. 6 - Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called at the time and place to be determined by the President, subject to ten (10) days notice. Notice shall include an agenda.

Sec. 7 - Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called at any time on the order of the President or, on the order of at least three Directors. Notice of special meetings of the Board of Directors stating the time and place and, in general terms, the purpose of the meeting, shall be mailed, electronically mailed or personally given to Directors at least 24 hours prior to the time appointed for the meeting. If all Directors shall be present at a meeting, business may be transacted without previous notice.

Sec. 8 - Quorum

A majority of the Directors shall constitute a quorum of the Board at all meetings and the affirmative vote of a majority shall be necessary to pass any resolution or authorize any act.

Sec. 9 - Mail, Telephone, and Internet Votes

Whenever in the judgment of the President a mail, telephone, or internet vote of the Board of Directors shall be necessary or expedient, he may direct that such vote may be taken. Upon authorization of a majority of the members of the Board of Directors voting, he may direct a mail or Internet vote of the membership, in which case a majority of the votes returned shall determine the question.

Sec. 10 - Compensation

Each member of the Board of Directors shall serve without compensation unless specifically approved by the BOD and backed by the organization purpose. Anyone who performs a duty and is compensated for such duty (Newsletter Editor, Webmaster or any other paid position) shall be considered an independent contractor and will receive the appropriate IRS forms.

Sec. 11 - Records

The Board of Directors shall cause to be kept a complete record of all the proceedings of its meetings. Such records shall be available to members.

Sec. 12 - Authority

The Board of Directors shall have the power and authority to promulgate and enforce all rules and regulations pertaining to the use and operation of property and to do and perform, or cause to be done or performed, any and every act which the organization may lawfully do and perform.

Sec. 13 - Committees

The board of Directors may assign special committees in order to investigate areas of concern that may arise through out any given year. The committees will serve until such time as the problem has been solved or eliminated.

Article VIII – Meetings of Members

Sec. 1 - Location

All meetings of the members, except as herein otherwise provided, shall be held in a manner determined by the Board of Directors.

Sec. 2 - Annual Meeting

Notice to members of the annual meeting shall be given at least thirty (30) days before such meeting and such notice shall include an agenda.

Sec. 3 - Special Meetings

Special meetings of the members may be held at such time and place as the President or Board of Directors may determine, or may be called by a majority of the Directors.

Sec. 4 - Notice

Notice of a special meeting of the members, stating the time and purpose thereof, shall be given in a like manner as the notice required for the regular annual meeting as provided above in Article VIII, Sec. 2.

Sec. 5 - Quorum

At any meeting of the members a quorum shall consist of all members present.

Sec. 6 - Presiding Officer

The President, or in his absence the Vice President, or in his absence a Chairman selected by the Board of Directors present, shall preside at meetings of members.

Sec. 7 - Vote

At every meeting of the members, each voting member shall have only one (1) vote.

Sec. 8 - Plurality

A majority of the members present may adopt a resolution at any membership meeting. Except in cases stated in these Bylaws where a two thirds vote is required.

Sec. 9 - Request for Action (RFA)

A member in good standing may submit a Request for Action to the Board of Directors as outlined in the Request for Action policy. The Board of Directors will publish and maintain the RFA policy.

Article IX – Nominations and Elections

Sec. 1 - Nominations

Nominations for all offices shall take place during September of the election year. To be eligible for nomination, a candidate must be a member in good standing.

Sec. 2 - Notification

The membership shall be notified of the nominees for the various offices through direct mail, IMAC Website or other form of official IMAC communication.

Sec. 3 - Elections

The method of voting and the election period shall be determined by the board of directors and announced 30 days in advance of the designated election period. Votes received after midnight of the final day of the election period shall not be counted.

Sec. 4 -Certification

The BOD shall designate a voting certification process which shall include reviewing the results of the election and certifying their accuracy.

Sec. 5 - Installation

Newly elected officers will be installed January 1, following the election or thirty (30) days after the closing of a special election.

Article X – Amendments

Sec. 1 - Amendments

The Bylaws may be amended or new articles may be added at any time deemed necessary by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors. Such vote may occur online and be recorded by the Secretary. Proposed amendments will be provided to the Membership both on-line and via the email of record for the member. Once the amendment is proposed, the membership shall have 30 days to discuss the amendment. At the close of the 30 days, the discussion will be ended, and an online vote will be taken. The vote will be open for at least two calendar weeks. At the close of the vote, the Board will review the vote to certify the result, and publish the result on the IMAC website. The proposed amendment must receive at least 2/3 majority of members approval in the online vote to pass. Approved amendments will take effect not sooner than 30 days after the result of the vote is published.

Article XI– Dissolution

Sec. 1 - Dissolution

This organization may be dissolved upon a vote of two-thirds of the members.

Article XII – Personal Liability

Sec. 1 - Liability

All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against IMAC or the Board of Directors shall look only to the funds and property of the IMAC for the payment of any debt, damages, judgment, or decree, or any of other money that may otherwise become due or payable to them from IMAC or the Board of Directors, so that neither the Members of the Club, nor the Board of Directors, past, present or future, shall be personally liable therefore.