Posted by Mike Karnes

Posted on 12/6/2015


After considerable discussion that lasted several months, The IMAC Board of Directors has selected the host site for the 2018 IMAC World Championships.  They were unanimous on the decision as to where to hold and support the 2nd World Championship. It will again be on US soil in 2018. The AMA headquarters were very accommodating when asked if they would allow IMAC to host the 2018 event at the IAC in Muncie, Indiana on September 4th thru September 8th, 2018.

A Little More . . .                     Wayne

Wayne Matthews, the visionary award winner and founder of the first World Championship has agreed to help coordinate this major event for a second time. An International event like this is a huge undertaking.  It takes numerous volunteers and staff to make an event of this magnitude successful. Please  volunteer when asked to become involved with these magnificent festivities.  IMAC is looking to make the 2018 event even larger than the first.  Once the rules and qualification process have been written by the event committee and approved by the BOD, they will be made available on the website They may also be found on the IMAC Worlds website.