Present:  Mike Karnes, Gil Major, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Brad Davy, Adi Kochav, Alex Dreiling, Steve Sides, Jeff Marsuchek, Clark Hymas, and Doug Pilcher

Meeting began 9:01 p.m. EST.

Rule Change Proposals – Mike Karnes

Mike presented the following RCPs to the BOD for approval.

1.  With the Freestyle RCP, there were only 13 votes from the membership, with 11 votes agreeing with the RCP as written.  The 2 votes that didn’t like this RCP did not like the K factors.  Currently, no one sees any issues with the K factors.  A motion was made to accept the RCP as written by Gil Major and seconded by Adi Kochav.  With a roll call vote, the motion passed unanimously.

2.  With the RCP for Single Sequence Rounds, there were a total of 23 votes from the membership, with 12 members agreed as written and 11 members did not care.  This RCP would allow the CD to fly single sequence rounds, as long as it is announced prior to the contest.  The CD wouldn’t have to request a deviation from AMA to change the contest format.  The only difference with this RCP versus the current rule is that a deviation is not required.  The downside to this RCP is that the CD is committed to single sequence rounds.  Adi mentioned that it could be published that there is a potential of dual sequence rounds.  This RCP was created to potentially increase electric participation.  This would make it to where single sequences would become the normal and it didn’t get wrote that way. Steve does not like single sequence rounds.  A motion was made to call for the vote by Doug Pilcher and seconded by Brad Davy.  With a roll call vote, a vote of 4 (yes) – 7 (no), the RCP is rejected by the BOD.

3.  With the RCP for Resumption of Scored Flight, there were only 12 votes from the members with 11 members in agreement and 1 didn’t like the wording, but changed his vote.  This has moved them into a single section and single procedure for resumption of scored flight, which is section 10.13.1.  A motion was made to call for vote by Gil Major and seconded by Brad Davy.  With a roll call vote, the motion passed unanimously.

4.  With the RCP for Snap Rolls, this was the RCP that was rewritten and posted.  The original RCP was not accepted, so it was rewritten.  This is the RCP that everyone was in agreement with.  Pitch departure was removed and it was posted without the word “rapidly.”  The judges may now start saying that it wasn’t fast enough.  There is no speed to set pitch departure.  The definition of autorotation has the word “autorotation” in it.  Clark would prefer what Ty wrote up on the Redbook review and believes that this should be used as the definition of “autorotation.”  A motion was made to approve this RCP by Gil Major and seconded by Brad Davy.  With a roll call vote, motion passes unanimously.

5.  The RCP on Turn-Around and Positioning Maneuvers was rewritten.  There were 17 members who voted on this RCP, 15 approved, 1 member rejected, and 1 member doesn’t agree with the proposal.  Brad questioned the statement: “comment about the once pilot is inverted that they have to enter.”  The problem with that is we make a statement about excluding mechanical issue or safety issue.  They can come back to upright and resolve the issue.  Brad is recommending that we remove “excluding the mechanical or safety interruptions.”  Then, this will become the CD decision.  Mike agrees.  This will also eliminate the vertical line.  A motion was made to approve this RCP with eliminating “excluding mechanical or safety interruptions” by Gil Major and seconded by Doug Pilcher.  By roll call vote, motion passes unanimously.

6.  With the RCP for Break-in-Sequence, there were 9 members that voted.  Six members didn’t agree and 3 rejected and wanted to keep the Rule as written.  This doesn’t distinguish between break and break-in-sequence.  There were 2 elements in this change.  The first one is trying to clarify on what constituents as a break-in-sequence.  The rule book said that it may occur.  The second part was to add the option of the pilot to make a verbal call at any point and now they are automatically constituted in where the break-in-sequence occurred.  This isn’t eliminating the corrective maneuver criteria.  A motion was made to call for vote by Gil Major and seconded by Doug Pilcher.  With a roll call vote, with a 3 (yes) – 8 (no) vote, this RCP was rejected by the BOD.

Challenge Coin – Adi Kochav

Adi presented the quotes for the challenge coins.  He sent an email with the new quote and design with the new slogan to the BOD.  The new design has the diamond-cut edges and the velvet case.  Adi things the acrylic case looks too cheap, and the velvet case would look more presentable.  The coin is about 2.5 inches.  The BOD loves the new design and slogan.  Adi is working with Blake Stewart with Signature Coins in Orlando, Florida.

With the current quote, if we order 200, we must pay the mold fee twice.  If we order 300, we don’t pay for the mold fee.  If we order another 100 coins, the cost would be around $700.  The cost for each coin if we ordered 400 would be around $10.10.  Adi believes that every contestant should receive a coin for free and the extras we can sell at Muncie or on the website.  Adi will ask Blake what the lead time would be for another order if we sold out. 

Steve believes that we will have around 100 pilots participating.  if the contestant receives one, the caller will buy one.  They also believe that the event staff should also receive a coin.  These coins would not be available to the public until the contestants receive their coins.

Treasurer Report – Phil Vance

As of January 18, the account balances were:

Checking -     $22,334.62

Pay Pal -        $22,621.23

Total -            $44,955.85

As of February 19, 2018, the account balances are:

Checking -     $22,597.38

PayPal -         $25,467.60

Total -            $48,064.98

The current balance in the IWC fund is $7,673.10.

Regional Issues – All RDs

The NW region is two weeks from their judging school.  They are looking at 23-25 participants in attendance.  The SW region just had a contest.  Alex is currently working on their judging school in Colorado.

The SC judging school is next weekend.  Doug is looking at an attendance of around 25 participants.  Their schedule starts the first weekend in April.  The NC has scheduled another contest.  Mike’s judging school is coming up in April and before that, is the Toledo Show.

The NE has their judging school set for May 12.  They will also be having a basic-only contest in early May.  The regular contests start the last weekend in April.  The SE just had their first contest in Miami.

Adi reported that there will be a judging school in Israel.  There should be around 16 members in Israel.  The Czech Republic and Turkey are joining IMAC and are having their boot camps.  France is having a boot camp and will be signing up members.  Luiz signed up 6 members in Mexico.  He will also be flying to Argentina.  Currently, there are 94 members in the International Community.

Meeting adjourned 11:03 p.m. EST.