Members present:  Mike Karnes, Charles Youngblood, Samantha McKinney, Phil Vance, Brad Davy, Steve Sides, Ron Graham, Doug Pilcher, Michael Verzywelt, and Rusty Fried

Meeting began: 9:01 p.m. EST

2018 World Championships Qualifications – Mike Karnes

The last proposal submitted to the membership seemed to work.  One member mentioned scoring it differently, though to make sure to make it more fair.  Contests are open to anyone, so a non-IMAC member could affect the potential scoring of a member trying to qualify.   They are wanting the 5 members to qualify for the World team to be scored in a separate score program.   One problem is that each region needs to be consistent on how their top five will be selected.  It was suggested to use the regionals finals, since this is the last contest that allows points to be accumulated. It is being suggested that each region designate the regional final contest for each of their region.  The only difference will be that each region needs to stay consistent on how the top 5 will be scored for qualification purposes. 

The 2017 NATS are still being used as one way to qualify.  If a pilot qualifies both ways, IRPS and NATS, the region has first choice to find a pilot to send to the Worlds.  The NATS will only be used if the region absolutely cannot send anyone.  The regions will only send one per class.  The NATS will send the top 3 from each class, 1/3 of the team.  The vacancy rule states that if a pilot makes the World team from the NATS and the IRPS, the NATS will take precedent over the IRPS and the next in line at the IRPS will take place. 

Some does not like this because pilots can still make the team by just flying at the NATS.  This discourages the pilots from flying contests and putting the work in during the 2017 year.  To qualify at the NATS, the pilot must have competed in 3 IMAC contests.  The numbers would not work out to without the NATS sending 1/3 of the team.  It is very rough for the outer regions to make the NATS, due to travel and time constraints.  It was noted that we had pilots drop out at the last minute before the last World Championships. 

The only change needed is on the scoring.  This change will apply to all regions.  RDs need to designate the last point-accumulating contest of the season.  For many regions, this is the very last contest of the season.  The top 5 point earners will be going into the regional finals to compete for the spot on the World team.  If the pilot does not show up, they are removing themselves from qualifying for the World Championships. 

Rule 3.b seems to be an issue between the regions.  SE currently holds a regional championship as a separate contest after the IRPS stops.  SE regional championship does not count as regional points; it is an invitational.  The issue is that each region will be arriving at their 5 pilots differently.  Each region needs to arrive at their top 5 pilots the same way to make it fair to all pilots.  The top 5 pilots going into the regional finals are the ones that will be competing for the World team.  Currently, it is up to the regions to chose which contest.  Currently, the SE cannot use their regional championship invitational contest due to the fact that it does not accumulate points for IRPS.   The IRPS is only used to determine who flies off at the regional finals and whoever wins that contest, wins the spot on the team.   According to IRPS, the regional finals is an open contest to everyone.  The SE regional championship invitational is not an open contest available to everyone.    It is closed to everyone except for the top 10 of each class.

The SE regional championship invitational is an extra contest that is for the top 10 of each class to get together and have fun.  Just another perk for the SE.  The argument is that this has no constraints of the other regions.  The SE should use their regional finals and the regional championship invitational would just be for fun.  The reason is why it is written is to incorporate a fly-off at the regional finals.  The SE would have to designate a contest as a regionals points contest, which would be the last scored contest.  The top 5 may not be able to go.  The way to solve the issue is the SE regional championship invitational will become open to everyone and will be a points contest.

It needs to be added that their placement for the 2018 World Championships will be scored in a separate program. 

The issue with just using the NATS is due to the geographics, travel constraints, and finances.  The only way to make it fair to every region is to send a pilot from each class from each region.  This gives the whole U.S. membership the same opportunity to make the 2018 World Team.  It gives each member 2 ways to make the team, through the region or at the NATS. 

Mike asked the Board if we should only use the first 3 days of the NATS.   If we are using the top 3 of the NATS, we should use the actual winners of the NATS. 

Rule 3.b needs to be added:  Those five contestants’ results will be separately scored to determine placement on the Worlds team. The motion was made to accept Version 15 as presented.  Motion passed unanimously. 

Meeting adjourned 9:30 p.m.