Present:  Mike Karnes, Doug Pilcher, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Alex Dreiling, Brad Davy, Adi Kochav, and Clark Hymas

Absent: Rich Whitlow

Meeting began 9:01 p.m. EST.

Follow-Up Annual Meeting Poll – Brad Davy

The annual meeting forum poll was closed 3-4 days ago.  The vote was in favor of changing the amendment.  Brad says we need to get this change in our By-Laws on the website.  After this change has been made, we can proceed with some of the other By-Laws that need revised.

Brad suggested that our next amendment to the By-Laws should be the membership eligibility statement.  Currently, our By-Laws that the member must be an AMA member or member of an affiliate organization to be an IMAC member.  This currently pertains to mainly the United States and Canada.  Brad believes that to whoever wants to be an IMAC members can be without being affiliated to another organization, such as the AMA.  Mike informed the BOD currently we are one of the only sig of AMA that doesn’t have the open membership.

Brad recommends drafting the next proposed amendment for discussion on the BOD forum and wait to discuss it at the July BOD Meeting.

Continued Discussion of 10% Rule – Adi Kochav

Adi has posted the plane listing on the 10% rule on the BOD forum of the website.  While on some International contests, they are definitely not up to standards on the 10% rule.  Adi says many of the planes are designed to F3A standards, and not IMAC.  It is the CDs responsibility to request proof of scale.  The pilots don’t need to be the judge of what is correct according to the rules.

Adi says we need to use the measurements of the wingspan and the fuselage.  He says the problem is that the rules are not clearly defined in regards to specific measurements.

Primo asked Adi about who has been complaining about the 10% rule.  Many International pilots have spoken to Adi about this issue.  Adi would like to propose a rule change for the 2020-2021 rules cycle to have the rule be more specific about the measurements.

Brad says that we need to take a different approach.  He believes that it is not up to us on what planes are legal.  We need to give them enough information to have them make the determination if a plane is legal or not.

Adi has reviewed a few blueprints on different airplanes.  The blueprint does list the fuselage length, wingspan, and the heights of different sections of the airplanes.  When compared to the plane after building, it is different than the blueprints.  One of the issues the even though a plane is built to its’ blueprints, many pilots customize their airplane for them.

Adi wants to help the manufacturers make more precise and accurate airplanes for IMAC based on the 10% rule.  Rule 6.4 is fine, it defines the overall scale appearance of the model form a 3 meter distance.  Rule 6.5 talks about scale with just the wingspan; nothing is mentioned of fuselage length.  Adi would like to make Rule 6.5 simpler to understand.  Primo believes that the manufacturers would go for this.

Adi believes that we should provided a mathematical equation to the pilots to make sure that their plane is following the 10% rule.  A suggestion was made to make a full scale list with the equation and use the equation to measure the airplane.  We can create a database of full scale airplanes in IMAC and provide the reference measurements.  The consensus of the BOD is to not make reference to any IMAC planes, whether they are legal or illegal.  If the airplane matches the numbers, then the pilot is good.  If not, the pilot might need to present proof of scale.

NC and Moving NATS – Toby Silhavy

Toby has been asked on why we don’t move the NATS.  Some CDs in his region wants to change contest dates to have their contest the weekend before the NATS.  There has been talk of moving the NATS to a different location.  Toby would like to be able to give this information to his CDs for they can get their contests scheduled for next year.

Mike informed the BOD that IMAC does not set the dates for the NATS, AMA sets them.  At the National Judging School, we approached the SW and SC about hosting the NATS.  Many of them asked why the BOD is against moving the NATS.  The BOD is not against moving the NATS.  The problem is that the discussion to move the NATS is always discussed in April or May, just a month or two before the NATS.  The planning for the NATS needs to be started in September of the prior year.  This allows time to inform the IMAC BOD and to let AMA know in enough time for them to plan accordingly.  It is unfair to AMA to move the location in April of the same year, because they already have the dates set and if we weren’t coming, they could put someone else in our date.

As of right now, no one has stepped forward to discuss the 2020 NATS.  Mike has heard that they cannot find a location to host the NATS.  This location must have the facilities to fly, pilot accommodations, etc. for this type of event.

Currently, we only have 8 registered pilots with the AMA.  The IMAC website lists around 20 pilots.  Some people are no longer willing to travel for this event.  One of the problems is having it around the 4th of July interferes with family vacations.  Mike has mentioned to the AMA about moving our NATS to the actual end of their AMA NATS.  This is a complication question with no easy solution.

Adi suggested doing an open contest in America.  With the NATS, anyone can fly, not just IMAC pilots.  Anymore the NATS are no different than any other contest that one attends on the weekends and we need to change that.  Primo suggested contacting pilots to see why they don’t attend the NATS.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

At the end of May 2019, the General IMAC Operating account is as follows:

Checking      $21,700.30

PayPal          $16,522.72

Total            $38,223.02

As of tonight, June 17, 2019, the General IMAC Operating account is as follows:

Checking     $21,758.53

PayPal         $17,062.82

Total            $38,821.35

Another PayPal account was opened just to handle the IMAC Swag Store.  This was due to keep it separate from the IMAC General Operating Account.

Phil asked the BOD if they wanted the shipping costs separate, such as the shipping from the Swag Store versus membership cards, etc.  The BOD agreed to keep these items separate expenses.

Regional Issues – All RDs

The SW region currently has 10 contests in the books.  Alex says that this is the region’s break until fall.

The SE had 6 contest in the books, with 8 more to go.  Primo informed the BOD that the Piedmont contest was cancelled, but got it moved to Mocksville.  Many pilots are excited that there will still be a contest that weekend.  They currently have 17 pilots signed up.  The Youth Masters is coming up and they are looking for volunteers.

The NE region is doing well.  Brad reported that they have a couple of new contests coming up.

The NC region has 3 contests in the books.  Toby informed the BOD that the region has been on many weather delays.  Most of the contests have been one-day or only flown just a few rounds due to the weather.  Toby has been posting several updated and items on the region’s page on the website.  He wants to get more people to use the IMAC site for resources.

The NW has it’s biggest contest of the year this coming weekend.  There are 3 pilots from Canada that will be attending the contest.  Currently, there are around 17-18 pilots signed up.  Clark informed the BOD that they have not had a Basic pilot at a contest this year.

The International region has been very busy.  Adi reported that the Italian Open just wrapped up.  There were 70 some pilots from 15 different countries.  Out of those pilots, 85% were IMAC members.  Some countries in attendance were South Africa, India, and Kuwait.  the next contest is in the Czech Republic and they are currently looking at more than 45 pilots.  Currently, the region has held 25 contests.  Adi asked if the RD can also be sent the unknowns, just in case an issue arises.  This can only be done if the RD is not flying in a contest that weekend.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m. EST.