Present:  Mike Karnes, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Steve Sides, Alex Dreiling, Clark Hymas, Doug Pilcher, and Adi Kochav

Absent:  Brad Davy, Jeff Marsuchek, and Gil Major

Meeting began at 9:00 p.m. EST.

The Basic Class – Mike Karnes

Mike has been approached by a few of the members about expanding the Basic class.  He believes that this can be done without a rule change.  The Basic class would be split into two classes; splitting up the class based off of aircraft size.  There would be no intimidation factor for new competitors.  Mike believes that this can be done in the Score program using one of the optional scoring selections.

The Basic class could be competitive while the Novice class be non-competitive.  The pilots that are flying 30-40% size aircraft need to be in a class of their own.  At a contest, the pilot could register in either class. Adi believes the split should be at the 70cc aircrafts.  The Basic primer contests have pilots showing up with 40% aircrafts.  The non-competitive class wouldn’t have to fly an unknown.  This is just an idea that Mike wanted to present to the BOD and would like for them to check into and discuss at the August BOD meeting.  He asked them to see if we could split the class and review the rules that are involved for size limitations.  Adi believes that this is a good idea and has been discussed for some time now.  He believes that there is an intimidation factor between the size of aircrafts.  Steve mentioned to just change the limit size on the Basic class, but this could cause some pilots to move into Sportsman who isn’t ready.

Mike would like for this to take effect in 2019, but not to affect the rule book.  This is another way for first-time pilots to compete with no intimidation.  Our numbers are declining partly due to not getting new pilots into Basic.  We also realize that there are more problems than just the Basic class.  The number of pilots attending contests is declining.

Phil believes that we should try for one year, since it will not affect the rule book.  Mike said that the Score program can handle it if we choose to judge the Novice class.

World Championship Sponsors – Steve Sides

Currently, Desert Aircraft has come in as a sponsor.  We auctioned off the DA200 and the auction was closed yesterday.  Doug, Phil, and Alex will talk with the winner and get the engine to him.

J&J Tailwheels and McFueler has made donations.

Steve is currently speaking with the local hobby shops on sponsorships or donations for pilot giveaways.

IWC Treasurer Report – Phil Vance

The current balance in the IWC fund is $34,991.45.  These funds include pilot fees, mechanic and helper fees, sponsorships, shirts and hats, etc.  We have currently paid out $8,104 in expenses.  Phil still has to process pilot registrations and shirt sales.  The trophies, staff shirts, and judges’ shirts are yet to be paid for.  Sew Busy will be shipping the shirts to Phil.

Phil reminded the BOD that we will have income from the banquet ticket sales.  Phil will need to know how many people plan to attend the banquet to let the Horizon Center know.  He will be speaking with their representative tomorrow.  He will also need to know what all we need for setup for the stage.

Current income for the Worlds, as of today, is $42,849.  We still have the remaining funds from the 2014 Worlds earmarked in the amount of $6,933.92.

Operations and Progress Toward Arriving at Muncie – Doug Pilcher

Mike has printed all the score sheets, except for any new pilots.  He has also printed registration sheets, protest sheets, and handouts.  The next project is all the name badges.  Mike is waiting to finish the timing charts until we get a final count of pilots.

We need to double check our listing on pilots registered and pilots who have paid to make sure that we haven’t missed anyone for the magazine.  The first of August the magazine needs to be completed to get to the company for printing.  Steve will contact the pilots that we haven’t received registration fees.  Currently, we have 87 pilots on the roster.

The coins were sent to Mike and they are very nice.  All the pilot bags are in.  Samantha, Rhonda, Rosie, and Leasha are going to contact the local restaurants to get coupons or gift certificates for giveaways and the pilot bags.  AMA said they would help us if we give them names, they could help us; or if they needed to pickup items that were donated.

The menu was decided for the banquet.  We need to get the word out on the hotels.  The deadline for the special rates on hotels is coming up at the end of the month.  We have had two judges that aren’t able to attend, so Doug and Mike are working on judges to fill those spots.

Wrap up of the 2018 Scale Aerobatic Nationals – Doug Pilcher

We did have a good headcount.  We had the first morning a flight of just David Moser and all the Clover Creek Boys.  We also left John in the Score program for Round 1 and printed it for everyone to sign, pilots and event team.  We had it lamented and framed to give to Tina on Banquet night.  We lost half a day to rain and the second day we had low ceilings in the morning.  We had 14 known rounds and 3 unknown rounds.  The Banquet went great.

2022 IWC Committee Concerns – Mike Karnes, Gil Major, and Clark Hymas

The committee has had time to review the 2022 applications for the World Championships.  Currently, there are no concerns with the applications from most of the committee members.  We are currently waiting on reports from a few committee members.

International Issues – Adi Kochav

Adi informed the BOD that a new law in Europe now states that their citizens cannot post their name on social media, which includes the IMAC site.  The International members can change their profile name for the IMAC site.

There is a push in Europe to get F3M back on its feet again.  The participants would like for the BOD to collaborate with F3M.  F3M only has the Intermediate and Unlimited classes.  Adi believes that this collaboration wouldn’t work due to only Unlimited classes.

IMAC is getting bigger and better in Europe.  They like what IMAC stands for, and they have taken on more IMAC members.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

The current balance as of today is:

Checking -      $36,337.08

PayPal -          $36,063.79

Total -            $72,400.87

Within this balance listed above , are the funds for the 2018 IMAC World Championships.  Listed below is the balances between the General IMAC Operating and the 2018 IWC:

2018 IWC -                              $34,991.45

General IMAC Operating -   $37,409.42

Total -                                     $72,400.87

Regional Reports – All RDs

The North West region is doing well.  They have an event this weekend.  The new CD is a little nervous, so Clark is going out to help him.

In the South West, their region is doing well also.  They just had a contest in Colorado.  There is currently a problem in California due to the State shutting down a field due to fire restrictions.

In the South Central, they just had a contest that was rescheduled.  This contests had 20 pilots.

The South East region has a contest at Andersonville this weekend and it is going to be hot.  Steve reports that his region is doing well.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 p.m. EST.