Attendees:  Mike Karnes, Gil Major, Samantha McKinney, Phil Vance, Charles Lewis, Brad Davy, Doug Pilcher, Clark Hymas, Jeff Marsuchek, and Adi Kochav

Absent:  Steve Sides

Meeting began at 9:03 p.m. EST.

Rules Committee – Gil Major

Gil has been working on the Rules Committee and has picked up one more member.  The previous chairperson no longer wants to do it.  It will take longer to get a new chairperson than getting the rules written.  Rules must be into the AMA by March and must be on the IMAC website 30 days before hand.  We are 4 months always from having to post the rules changes.  Gil volunteered to chair this committee while looking for someone to take over the position.  Since time was a major factor, the BOD agreed to allow it.  Currently, we have Dave Ortmayer, Curtis Cozier, Ty Lyman as a soundboard, and Jerry Hailey.  Doug would like to have some of these members on the next committee also..  Brad would be willing to help out with the drafting the rules change.  There are currently no international members on the Rules Committee.  Adi recommends Dan Gallow from the U.K.  There are some guys from Australia that would like to be on some committees.  Within the next month, if we get any RCPs that we know of that we can send to the committee, they can draft them and get them back to the BOD.  Mike will review his notes from the judging school.  Rules committee decides what we need to look at for changing, rewording; they come up with the RCP and submit back to the BOD for approval or changes.  Gill will make a post in the general forum for any ideas as well.

Marketing Committee – Clark Hymas

The Marketing Committee has not met.  They will have a meeting in October.

2018 Worlds – Doug Pilcher

The Worlds website, the Go-Fund-Me link, and PayPal is up and working.  Mike is working on the magazine and Doug is duplicating the magazine on the website.  The direct link is in the BOD link, just in case of work with potential sponsors.  Steve is organizing the event and Mike applied for the sanction and is Contest Director.  Mike has the magazine laid out and is getting quotes on printing.  Mike has asked Doug to be the Operations Manager, so the weekend before we can get badges printed, score sheets ready, etc.  We will have to put together a scribing chart once the competitors are chosen.  When the pilots are registered, this can be part of their packet and they would know where they need to be ahead of time.  Adi wanted to know if there will be planes available for those participants that can’t get their plane to Muncie.  JTec loaned out a few planes, along with some pilots from the United States.

Adi wants to know where we stand on the coin and/or any participant medals.  Gil showed the coins that he has to show them size and different designs.  They range in size from about 1.5-2 inches.  We would like to see the pilots be able to take something away from participating in the event.  Gil thinks 1.5-1.75 inches is sufficient.  Adi believes that it needs to be bigger to display; he is thinking 2 inches as a minimum.  Adi seen a price of $9 for coin and display case.  The more coins that we order the less the cost will be.  We should probably have around 200-250 coins produced.  Adi found one company that has a 2 inch coin with 200 coins produced fro a cost of $375.  The entire Worlds staff should also receive a coin.  It would be around $4-5 per coin and the box cost $3 more.  It was mentioned if we wanted to order extra coins to be able to sell.  Last time we had shirts that were sold.  Adi posted a link in the BOD forum for a company in the U.S. that makes these coins.  We had several international and domestic sales of the Worlds merchandise.  We would need to ask AMA if they would be willing to sell the coins and other merchandise, such as hats, T-shirts, polos, etc.

There is talk on Flying Giants that we aren’t promoting IMAC like we did the last one.  This is promoting IMAC.  We are a little under a year away.  The 2014 Worlds didn’t start promoting the event until January 2014.  Mike received a report from Facebook and we are receiving record hits on the Worlds page.

We need to start getting in contact with potential sponsor, due to the fact that many companies will start setting their budgets for 2018.  Phil with speak with Al from JTec.  He has come through quite a bit for IMAC in the past.  We need to open registartion in January of 2018, possibly as early as November/December 2017.  Registrations will close in May of 2018.

The registration fee is $340, which is an increase of $20 from the 2014 Worlds.  Pilots will get one year membership with registration.  We have to pay AMA a fee for the International pilots flying on their grounds.  Mike believes that AMA made them an Associate Member.  Gil believes that it is $20 to be an Associate Member, but believes that we might have charged the competitor in the 2014 Worlds.  Every pilot pays the same, whether International or United States.  Many of the pilots were already IMAC members, so IMAC extended their membership.  We will need a PayPal button for pilot registration, team manager fee, mechanic’s fee, etc.  A form with a breakdown of all the different fees needs to be posted for pilot information.

Incorporated Revised – Samantha McKinney

Samantha has uploaded the documentation for the incorporation documents on the BOD forum.  There are two names search documents.  We had to make sure that both names were not taken through the State of North Carolina,  “IMAC Inc.” and “International Miniature Aerobatic Club Inc.” We will be adding “Inc.” to our name, International Miniature Aerobatic Club Inc.  She will be getting some information from Mike, Gil, and Phil to finish the Articles of Incorporation.  The By-Laws that are posted are the ones posted on our IMAC website.  Samantha has to make sure that our By-Laws match the requirements for the State of North Carolina.  Phil will be our registered agent for the State of North Carolina.  This agent needs to live is the State of North Carolina.  Once all the documentation is completed and the BOD has approved, we can submit this documentation to the State of North Carolina.  When we are established as a business with the State of North Carolina, we would be able to establish a separate checking account for the Worlds.  Phil tried to create a separate account for the Worlds, and the banking institution would not allow it.  He is going to create a separate account on the books to keep the World financials separate.

Treasurer Report – Phil Vance

Phil has sent out the regional funds reports as of today to the Regional Directors and a financial statement for August and September follows.  The balance as of the end of August is as follows:

Checking     $18,092.44

PayPal        $15,422.05

Total           $33,514.49

The balance as of today, September 18, 2017 is as follows:

Checking      $28,581.57

PayPal         $   5,497.06

Total            $34,078.63

Samantha has sent the membership dues for the 3 new pilots that joined at Clover Creek.  IMAC has already paid some bills for the 2018 Worlds.  We have paid for the domain name for the website.  We have received a check for some sponsors fees.  The biggest expense is the banquet, which is around $4,000-$5,000; the date is reserved.  Samantha asked if we are using the remaining money that was left from the 2014 Worlds.  The remaining money left from the 2014 Worlds is $6,933.92. Phil believes this money should be earmarked for reserves for the 2018 Worlds.

Other Regional Issues – All RDs

The North West is getting ready to wind the season down.  This weekend is the regional finals.  All three of the Northern regions are having their regionals this weekend.  There are 3 from North West going to the Tucson Shootout.  The Shootout is the 18th of October.  There are a few close races.

The South West is having some scheduling issues for contests in 2018.  Charles is working on resolving them.

The North Central had a good contest last weekend.  Kurt is the CD and Jeff is helping for the Regionals and World Qualifier.  We have a new basic pilot and he wants to host a basic-only contest at his field.  There are talks about a Wisconsin contest around the same time as Oshkosh.  Gil cautioned Jeff about the possibility of restricted airspace for this contest.

Doug’s personal contest is this weekend in the South Central and a Kansas contest in 2 weeks, and regional finals is in about 6 weeks.

Brad is having regionals this weekend in the North East region and is hoping the weather holds.  He also has a pretty good contest for some regional races.

Gil mentioned to the BOD that Doug is spending money out of his own pocket for the services that he provides for the storage cloud and he does not get reimbursed.  We send $321 to Memory Bank for their monthly fee.  Gil would like for IMAC to establish a contract with Doug to protect us, Doug and IMAC.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 p.m. EST.