Present:  Mike Karnes, Doug Pilcher, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Rich Whitlow, Michael Hobson, Toby Silhavy, Brad Davy, and Alex Dreiling

Absent:  Clark Hymas, Primo Rivera, Manrico Mincuzzi, and Jorge Guzman

Meeting began at 9:07 p.m. EST.

Update AMA Hard 400ft Response to Members – Doug Pilcher

Doug received an email from Chad with AMA on Wednesday.  They had a meeting along with a couple of other representatives from AMA.  AMA wants to host a meeting with representatives from all the SIGs.

AMA has not said anything definite on this matter.

We received positive feedback on the IMAC response from the BOD.

Update on Amendments to By-Laws – Brad Davy

There has been zero traffic on the forums on the amendments to the By-Laws.  Brad believes that this is due to the timing of switching to the new forums.  Brad would like to have 50-60% registered in the new forums before the amendments are put to a vote.  This would avoid bias on sliding the amendments through while switching forums.

Brad has considered sending an email blast on the discussion for the amendments to the By-Laws, along with reminding the members to login to the new forum site.  Doug can draft up a proposal for this email blast.

Brad recommends tabling the vote on the amendments and we can discuss this matter at the next BOD meeting, based on the participation on the forums.  This would still allow us to get the changes in place for early 2020.

Review of 2020 Forms – Mike Karnes

Mike has sent an email to the BOD members about looking at all the forms and to see if there are any revisions that need made.  Any changes that need to be made must be completed by December 31, 2019.

The Senior Points Series hasn’t changed since 2015.  The BOD agrees that no changes are needed for this form.'

The Contest Checklist was redone last year by Doug.  Doug has updated all the embedded links to AMA website to correspond with their new website.  The BOD agrees that no changes are needed for this form.

The Contest Standards had been revised by Doug last year.  This is specific to the US.  Michael believes that it is followed closely by the International Regions.  Brad says there is a question on the sanctioning process, due to many countries do not have the same sanctioning process.

Establishing Freestyle RPS and Basic to NATs – Toby Silhavy

Toby would like to add Freestyle back to the IRPS.  Toby has made revisions to the Freestyle form.  He would also like to see Freestyle included for points from the NATs.  Brad disagrees due to the Basic class does not compete at NATs.  Freestyle can be flown by all classes.  Brad pointed out that if you can fly Freestyle that you shouldn’t be flying the Basic class.  Michael said that with their competitions the Basic class is included.  They have never allowed the Basic class to fly Freestyle.

Toby also would like to see the Basic class be added to the NATs.  If Basic pilots want to fly at NATs, they must compete in the Sportsman class.  Toby believes that adding the Basic class would allow the Freestyle be calculated with IRPS and would increase participation.  We would be the only aerobatic SIG that lets the Basic class fly.  The CD has the authority to not allow a pilot to fly Freestyle, if they are not capable.  This would require a rules change.

Mike has heard from some Unlimited pilots that they don’t feel like it is safe to be flying with the Basic pilots at the same time.  Many years there are several Unlimited pilots and they have to fly with whoever is in the air.  The BOD feels that this is a discussion that needs to be discussed with members in the forums.

In order the RPS points to count, the contest must be open to all classes.  If we want RPS for Freestyle to count, that means we need to open up the NATs to Basic.  We could potentially lose some pilots if the Basic class is included at NATs.  Michael asked if this issue could be resolved by revising the flight schedule for each day.  Rich believes that Freestyle could increase participation at the NATs and he believes including them in IRPS would help.  Rich will open a discussion in the forums regarding this matter.

A recommendation was made to change the flight schedule.  The Basic class would have all their flights first thing in the morning, potentially done around 9:30-10:00 a.m.  Then, throughout the day, they can help with judging classes, if they are comfortable, and being scribes.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

The balance at the end of October in the General Operating account was:

Checking         $ 8,710.37

PayPal             $21,572.82

Total                $30,283.19

The balance as of tonight in the General Operating account is:

Checking        $ 8,563.85

PayPal            $22,138.06

Total               $30,701.91

Regional Issues – All RDs

The NE region has their 2019 season wrapped up.

The NC region is working on their 2020 contests.  Toby reported that they are preparing for the Toledo Show.  They will be selling swag store items; and could possibly have simulators with IMAC-style planes setup to fly.  The Toledo Show is the first weekend in April, April 3-5, 2020.

The SC region just wrapped up their regional contests two weeks ago.  Rich said that they have a full schedule next year; they might have to double on their scheduling of weekends.  They currently have 22 contests for 2020.  They are scheduling a “Skills Clinic” and 2 aerobatic fun days.  Rich doesn’t have their judging school scheduled as of yet.

The SW finished up their 2019 season last weekend.  They have events starting the second week of January.

The Asia-Pacific region is 10 days out from their biggest IMAC competition.  Michael says they currently have 65-66 pilots registered for the Asia-Pacific Regional Championship.  He believes they would have 30 contests in Australia next year.

The newsletter will be released for members on December 1.

The 2020 budget will be discussed at the December BOD meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:27 p.m. EST.