Present:  Mike Karnes, Gil Major, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Doug Pilcher, Brad Davy, Steve Sides, Adi Kochav, Clark Hymas, and Jeff Marsuchek

Guest:  Alex Dreiling

Meeting began at 9:02 p.m. EST.

SWRD Resignation – Mike Karnes

Since the last meeting, Charles Lewis has resigned his position has SW Regional Director.  Brad wrote up an article to the membership explaining the situation and it has been posted in the “Member’s Only” forum.  The judging school in Denver, Colorado will continue and there will be qualified instructors sent for their school.

Appointment of Interim RD – Mike Karnes

Alex Dreiling is stepping in as Interim Regional Director for the SW Region.  Alex was recommended and agreed to take it.  A motion was made to appoint Alex Dreiling as Interim RD for the SW Region by Brad Davy; Gil Major seconded this motion.  Motion passed unanimously.  For 60 days, he is the Interim RD.  The region can open a forum and start nominations for this position if they choose to.

How to be a Better RD – Mike Karnes

Steve had mentioned a document that Tim Attaway did a few years ago on how to become a better RD.  Mike has sent this to everyone on the BOD.  We might want to put it on the website; this way people can see what is expected and involved  as an RD.  The membership will also know the process of what is going on.  Some things can be added, such as a scheduling document, how to schedule contests, etc. to help transition new RDs that are elected.  Mike believes that this is a good time to get all regions to schedule their contests the same.

IRPS and Score – Doug Pilcher

Doug has been working on the International version of our RPS system.  It is going to work off the percentage of perfection, PP.  Doug has been working with the Java programmer and Kurt Koelling on the mathematical calculations.  We are making progress.  The achievement date is January 1, 2018.  The United States/Canadian regions will still use the normalization of RPS and International will use PP.  The reason they are different is because of the vastness of the geographical distance between countries.  We want three regions as an end result.  Gil suggested we need to add a new column for percentage of perfection for everyone, along with the IRPS system for everyone.  The consensus of the BOD is that we need to go back to square one and relook at this issue with the webmaster.

Gyros and Freestyle – Adi Kochav

Adi has a concern about pilots using gyros in their airplanes.  Because of drones, the technology is getting very sophisticated and small.  Most of the manufacturers are making receivers with a default gyro inside.  Adi doesn’t see the advantage on the higher classes, but it can affect the lower classes.  Right now, they are prohibitive.  The CD has an option of inspecting a competitor’s plane.  One option mentioned that we could adopt a standard practice, or an expectation, that at every contest the competitor’s plane will be inspected after every contest.  This would validate that the competitor’s plane doesn’t have built-in gyros in the receiver.  If they do, the pilot would be disqualified.  The consensus of the BOD didn’t like this approach.  Another option would be that they agree that they are subject to random inspection or sign a sheet and acknowledge that they aren’t using the gyros.  Currently, gyros cannot be onboard the plane; it doesn’t matter if it can be turned on or off.  The problems is trying to keep up with technology.  Adi would like to open this back in about 6 months to a year, to see where technology has progressed.  This is also something to consider for next year’s worlds.

With the freestyle criteria, there is a enormous difference between what our rules are and what is actually being flown.  The criteria are too complicated and there are many things that are being repeated.  Adi has been speaking with Manrico from Italy and he suggested to make the criteria simpler and more obvious; to increase the criteria from 5 to 6.  Most of the K factors need to be with the harmony of the music and program choreography.  The continuous flow of figures and the “wow” factor is what is being used now.  Many of the flights are repetitive.  The other criteria are more divided into reasonable K factors.  Adi is suggesting this as a rules change proposal for the 2019 rules cycle.  Brad recommended that this be researched by the Rules Committee and see what changes they might recommend.

Manrico has submitted a freestyle criteria proposal to Adi, but Gil says that is has a lot of similarities to the current freestyle criteria.  Gil believes that this new criteria is more for 3D, instead of freestyle.  Brad believes that the problem is not with the definition of criteria that we are using; it is that we aren’t judging by the criteria.  Judges have to hold the pilots accountable.

2018 Worlds – Steve Sides

Steve received an email from Dean Bird.  He has taken himself out of the judging team and he will be competing on the team.  Steve is still looking for the Italian and Israel judge.  We need to start filing in our judging slots.  Steve would like to see 3-4 more US judges, just in case we don’t get all the International judges.  He would like to have a total of 25 judges for the Worlds.  This would allow for 3 judges on each line.  Brad said that he would be available to judge, and Jeff said to put him down as tentative. 

We have had a few sponsors come in.  We have Desert Aircraft, and Clover Creek Aerodome.  Phone calls and personal conversations are working a lot better, than emails.  We also have a commitment from Power Box.  Mike said that there is now a sub forum for the Worlds Planning Committee.   Mike will send out an email and get a date set within the next couple of weeks for an initial meeting with all the current staff.

A few of the BOD asked if we are blocking off the weekend before and after the 2018 World Championships.  The BOD is not recommending to block this weekends.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

At the end of October, the balance was:

Checking           $27,089.51

PayPal               $  8,749.88

Total                 $35,839.39

Currently, as of November 20, the balance is as follows:

Checking          $26,909.52

PayPal              $12,942.42

Total                $39,851.94

The current balance in the Worlds account is $4,443.10.  We have received one golden sponsor towards the Worlds.

Regional Issues – All RDs

Brad reports that the NE is working on their 2018 schedule.  Steve is working on shipping the awards out for the SE region.  There are a couple of judging schools on the schedule for 2018.  Steve is going to try a different format where the students will have the classroom at the field.  Gil will get with Steve on this format because this is what they use at Clover Creek.  In 2018, the Florida judging schools will be combined.

The NC is also working on their 2018 schedule.  There is a lot of talk about a possible IMAC contest before or around the Osh Gosh event Wisconsin.  The SC is finished with their 2017 season.  There is a potential for an El Paso contest.  Doug will be in contact with Alex to make sure that there isn’t an interference with other events in the SW.  The SC officer forum is pretty active.  They are talking about moving the RPS finals around to have the finish premier event available to the nicer weather fields.  Judging schools are being worked on.  Doug may do an online school.  Brad had 15 people last year that done the online judging school.  We could possibly ask for a discount at contests with proof of going to a judging school, such as a $5 discount.

In the NW, Clark has a new ARD for the Western Oregon position.  He might have a Eugene, Oregon contest this next year and two new contests on the West Side of Washington as well.  There are quite a few contests on the schedule for 2018.  In the SW, Alex has reached out to all the ARDs.  They would like to get something scheduled online for those who are interested in doing the score program.  Mike and Samantha will put some dates together and get back to him. 

In Israel, their Nats are coming weekend.  He is in contact with all his ARDs on a daily basis.

Meeting adjourned at 11:08 p.m. EST.