Attendance:  Mike Karnes, Charles Youngblood, Samantha McKinney, Phil Vance, Brad Davy, Steve Sides, Ron Graham, Doug Pilcher, Michael Verzywelt, and Rusty Fried

Meeting began: 8:03 p.m. CST

Treasurer’s Report - Phil Vance

The balance at the end of November is:  Checking – $6,319.72 and PayPal – $34, 402.25, for a total of $40,721.97.  Each RD should have received their regional report by email.  

Phil has a concern over regional funds.  Some of the regions hasn’t used any money in their funds that were allocated in January.  If this happen for a few years, the regions will have more money than what IMAC has in the account. It was mentioned to possibly have a separate account for each regions. 

Currently, we have some members that are renewing their membership and choosing the $30 membership, when they reside in the United States.  Phil has called about 9-10 members to ask them about paying the other $10, and only a few has sent the rest of the dues.  According to Roy, this cannot be changed.  One option is they do not become a member until they have paid their dues in full.  The system automatically renews the membership, if existing member.  Phil can change the membership date.  Another option was to revoke the renewal application and refund the member’s dues until the member pays the correct dues.  The Board agreed that if a national member only submits the $30 membership fee, their membership will expire on the original date unless the rest of the membership due is submitted.  Phil will send the members’ emails when this happens.  Mike will talk with Roy to see if this can be changed, additional wording added, or if this needs to be moved to the international page.

2016 IMAC Forms -  Brad Davy     

With the contest standards form, the only things that needed to be changed.  On Section B, we just needed to add where the new website.  On Section B.5., Brad wondered if this should be left as AMA or the Board to approve any deviations.   Technically, AMA is the only one to approve the deviations.  Brad recommends that we changed this from the IMAC Board to the Regional Director.  BOD agreed to make this change. With Section C.1, it is recommended to remove the IRPS of the NATS and to change the new unknown request process due to the new website.  BOD agreed to make these changes.  On Section C.7, it is being recommended that we change the designation of receiving the unknowns to someone who will not be flying an unknown sequence.  BOD agrees that this is a good change to make more Basic pilots feel involved.  On Section C.10, the next change is the Basic class flying a single sequence during the unknown round and this sequence cannot be dropped.  We believe that the Basic pilots will accept this change.   The scorekeepers will have to clone the basic known sequence and change the cloned sequence to an unknown sequence.  The RDs will have to enforce this change cause this will affect the regional points.  Brad didn’t see no changes made to the safety policy or the IMAC Code of Conduct.   Rusty asked the BOD if we should have a policy in place for the older pilots to be able to change classes with the permission of the RD.  Reasons including asking to go backwards in the classes.  This is actually in the AMA Scale Aerobatic Rules.  Rusty is asking for anyone who is 70 years old or older.  We currently have time to get this in as an RCP.  Motion was made to accept the contest standards form as Brad as written.  Motion carried.

The regional points series didn’t have a lot of changes that needed made.  One change was eliminating the year discussion.  The three days of the NATS was moved to this form.  One question was raised on the tiebreaker.  What if the pilots who are in a tie aren’t at the regional championships, how is the tie broken?  Most of the time, it is broken by the total number of pilots at each event.  It was recommended to be added that if the tie still couldn’t be broken, the raw scores from the top 5 contests would be used.

Motion was made to accept the changes to the contest standard and regional points series.  Motion carried. 

With the senior point series, no changes were recommended to be made.  One change that was recommended was the age limit.  It is currently 55 years of age.  The BOD agreed that the age limit should be left at 55 years of age. 

2018 IMAC World Championships - Mike Karnes

Mike is submitting the site request to AMA.  The dates requested is September 4-8th, 2018.  Currently, AMA doesn’t foresee any problems and are more than happy to host it again.   We must begin the qualification process and will be different from the 2014 qualification process.  The NATS will be involved in the qualification process.  The BOD is excited and are ready to help in any way possible.

2016 NATS - Mike Karnes

Mike will be publishing rules by the first of the year. 

2017 Judging Schools - Mike Karnes

Mike has been talking with Ty Lyman.  He is wanting to come back on board as the Chief Judging Instructor.

Regional Issues - RDs

Michael is currently working on a date for a judging school in Alberta, Canada in the North West Region.  The South West Region has the Basic/Sportsman Primer next weekend.  Rusty currently has 2 judging schools, one in Arizona and one in California.  The North Central region’s schedule for 2016 is coming together.  Ron has asked the ARDs to write an article for the region’s page each month.  Ron is prospecting for contests in different areas.  Doug is working on posting contests for South Central Region.  Steve is working on the year-end wrap up for the South East region.  He currently has 5 judging schools on the schedule, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia.    Brad has a draft schedule out for 2016 contests.  Brad recommended that we review the access policy to the forums.  Mike recommended that all RDs send Roy an email to have him make sure that no one has access that shouldn’t have.

Motion was made to accept the last 2 BOD meeting minutes as posted.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 10:25 p.m. CST.