Pilot's list


The competition will take place at Leszno Airfield, Poland

Coordinates 51°49'54''N 16°31'58''E

Event Organization Director, Maciej Idczak, IMAC POLAND

Event Organization Director, Karol Szendi, IMAC POLAND

Contest Director, Manrico Mincuzzi, IMAC Europe RD

Judges Director, Adi Kochav, IMAC ISRAEL

Planning and Electronic Scoring Director, Fabio Giammarinaro, IMAC ITALY

From Monday 14th through Monday 21st, practice flying will be open at the dedicated flight line. 

In order to have access to the airfield, each National Team Manager, Pilot, Mechanic or Supporter/Family Member will have to go through check-in at the IMAC Reception Desk, receiving information and the Access Badge.  Without this Badge it will not be possible to access the internal operations area of the airport, but only the spaces dedicated to general public.

For late arrivals, check-in will still be possible during the whole of morning of the 22nd.  The IMAC Reception Desk will be closed at 12 am of Tuesday 22nd.  During the whole morning of Tuesday 22nd, the practice flight line will continue to be open until 1pm.

At 2 pm of Tuesday 22nd we will hold the National Team Managers and Pilots Briefing.  At this meeting we will share all the logistics details of the event and we will entertain a plenary Q&A session. 

At 4 pm of Tuesday 22nd, all registered National Team Members and their families, together with all IMAC Judges and Competition Personnel are invited to participate to the Europeans Formal Opening Ceremony, which will take place in city of Leszno, involving local authorities.

In the evening of Tuesday 22nd, all invited Judges will rejoin for a Briefing-Dinner.  The Judging Team, composed of 22 Judges, will be recruited among experienced pilot-judges and professional judges from several Countries. Adi Kochav, Judges Director, will be responsible for their recruitment and training. This process will take place during several months prior to the event.  IMAC Pilots competing at this event will not judge.

During the same evening, all National Team Members and their families will rejoin for dinner in a particular location, to get to know each other and to share the spirit of this large IMAC event.

On Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th, three precision flights will take place on each of the three dedicated runways.

Friday 25th is planned to be a movable, Reserve Day.  This reserve of time will enable the organizers to recuperate parts of the competition that might be suspended due to bad weather or any other unpredictable cause.  If this time reserve will not be needed, Friday 25th will be dedicated to rest, practice flying or sightseen with the families.  Special touristic opportunities will be made available to the whole IMAC family.

The morning of Saturday 26th will be dedicated to one Unknown precision flight, which will be followed by the Free Style Qualifications in the afternoon.  These qualifications will take a significant amount of time, since we expect many pilots to fly Free Style.  A dedicated runway will be made available to this Class. Local public may enjoy the show.

On Sunday 27th, starting early morning, we will fly the last Unknow precision flight, after which we will celebrate a “Leszno Airshow” that will be populated by an exciting mix of full-scale and airmodelling performances.  The Free Style Finals, involving the 15 qualified pilots, will take place in front of the general public as part of the airshow.  In the evening of Sunday 27th a large Dinner-Ceremony-Party will involve the whole IMAC Family.  At this relaxed Party we will distribute ruffle prices and go through the formal Ceremony to celebrate all winners of the different Final Rankings, which are described later in this document.

Competition flights will never stop during the day.  From Tuesday 22nd to Sunday 27th, breakfast and lunch will be made available at the briefing tent to all members of the IMAC family not on duty.  Turns will be organized to ensure personal breaks from activity.

The Unknown flights schedules, to be performed the next day, will be made available to pilots each evening, at the reception desk, after all runways will be closed.

In Bulletin 2 we will detail all hospitality opportunities and logistics aspects, highlighting how each participant will be able to access them, while in Bulletin 3 we will make the detailed agenda of all the meetings and ceremonies taking place within the event.