Welcome to the IMAC Europe region page!

Thank you for stopping by! We're so happy to have this new platform so we can communicate and deliver to all our European members all the news you can find about IMAC in general and IMAC Europe in particular.

This new website is very intuitive and friendly to its users. Just go to the menu above and choose the right subject or information you would like to know, from our own download page which contains all the new 2023 sequences and IMAC rule books to the member look up where you can locate a new or old IMAC member you want to chat with. On the Education section you can find a very good relevant information about how to fly or judge IMAC in a 101 files or video links.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

You can also help us spread this new website, information and other messages as well by sharing all this info on yours, or other social media platforms.

Thank you for flying IMAC and see you soon in the close IMAC event.

Safe flying and Happy landing IMAC Europe crew.