Hello South Central,

As we all know our new website is still in the process of being developed.  One of the areas still be worked on is the scheduling area on the site.  I did want to send out an updated schedule (mostly spelling) and provide some information so we can all start planning for a great season.

Dan Powell did a great deal of work on getting the schedule lined out almost right after the season ended in 2022.  I do greatly appreciate all his help. 

Just in case you are not aware, I have never been a CD or an ARD.  This means I will be learning a lot and trying to figure things out.  Our ARDs have been and will be a great help for me.

As for the schedule below.  The contests and events listed should not change.  I have not had any requests or heard any planned changes.  There is some discussion about additional contests being added.

We are on track for our Judging School in Shreveport at the SHARKS club.  I hope you can make it.  We will certainly be discussing the new scoring RPS system during the school.

There is also and online IJS which will be one day held on January 28th.   There are no new rules changes for this season so this is another good opportunity to cover the stuff we already know, forgot or aren’t sure of.

Last thing is the ISC (Sequence Committee) is in need of more pilots to help with sequence writing.  It is a very interesting process and really helps to learn a lot about or sport.  There are a bunch of great people involved now who are very helpful as well.  If you have an interest in getting involved or any questions please let me know.





Contest Name


Judging School Shreveport


Jetero Houston TX


Odessa, TX


Byram, MS


SC-SW SmackDown El Paso TX


Bayou Bash, Baton Rouge


Cedar Vale KS


Newton KS


Salina, KS Nats Warmup


Nats 7-28 to 7-31


Abilene TX


27th Sherman TX


San Antonio, TX


Regionals Copan OK