Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday January 17th, 2022

Attendees: Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Adi Kochav, Brian Webb, Amanda Darling, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Michael Hobson. Oliver Soto

Absent : Doug Pilcher, Manrico Mincuzzi, Dave Dupre

1. 2021 Year End Expenses, all approved the year end expenses as presented.

a. Total 2021 income was $25,309.07

b. Total expenses were $21,181.51

c. Year-end Balance was $47,784.78

2. Website update – Testing of uploading scores with lifetime members seems to be working. A reminder to all RD’s when uploading scores double check to make sure all looks right. Also, to all RD’s check your events and sanctions as we start the new year.

a. Adi had a reminder to everyone only English words can be uploaded to the regional scores.

3. Brian Webb - Advertising ideas

a. Hobby Stores have placards from all vendors, should we have one?

b. Decision was made to create an 8x10 flyer we could ask to put in the window of the stores.

c. Adi volunteered to put together a flyer and will send out a proposed design.

4. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

January Checking Balance – $35,005.17

January PayPal Balance - $14,569.74

Total assets - $48,574.91

5. Amanda is working on the NATS, sponsorships etc. She is looking for pictures of IMAC events.

6. Michael – Freestyle rules changes

a. There appear to be 2 classes of pilots in freestyle, really good at it and the rest of the world.

b. Australia has come up with their own freestyle rules apart from the IMAC published rules.

c. Can we have 2 classes of Freestyle, Novice and Upper class

d. Can the novice class have 2.5 minutes instead of 4 minutes?

e. Should we come up with different names for the classes.

7. Amanda - Worlds 2024 Spaceport America in New Mexico is a possibility. Primo will help.

8. Regional Reports

NE – Season is done. Lack of space for rollers was discussed at some flying sites.

SE – Working on schedule for next year almost ready to release. Online judging schools are very popular.

NC –Schedule is coming together. Will be working in sessions for beginners judging. Basic is exploding. Judging school for spouses will be held as well as the regional judging school online.

NW – Schedule for next year is coming together. Trying to outreach to new venues

EU – Germany will be joining IMAC this year and registering contests.

SC –Calendar set for next year. Judging school online is coming in March. Membership is increasing.

SW- Calendar for next year is worked out. Judging school just finished, and we have a new venue in St. George, UT

AP –Calendar is filling up; Events will kick off in February

LA – Scheduled 16 boot camps for Basic class. Trying to get judges who may not be flyers to judge at contests. Schedules are coming together for 2022.