Date: 18 Jan 2021

Time: 2100 EST

Purpose: January BOD Meeting

Secretary Rick Crow

Board members

Doug Pilcher, Alex Dreiling, Rick Crow, Jim McCall, Gale Vazquez, Jacques Teller, Amanda Darling, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Dave Dupre, Oliver Soto, Manrico Mincuzzi, Michael Hobson


Phil Vance, Adi Kochav

· Presidential Appointees

o Doug has asked Adi Kochav to continue as International Liaison and Adi has accepted to continue for IMAC. Adi has done an excellent job and we look forward to his continuing on. As part of this Doug recommended that Adi be added to the BOD Forum on the website to keep him up to date with discussions and plans. He would not have voting rights, however. A motion was made by Michael Hobson and seconded by Gale Vazquez to allow this. A vote was taken and without objection this was adopted.

o Doug has also asked Phil Vance to be the IMAC Historian and Phil has accepted. This being a new appointment within IMAC. Phil has a long history of service to IMAC and his acceptance is appreciated.

o There will be other Appointees forthcoming.

· 2021 International Judging School

o Primo and Alex have been assembling a group of instructors to present at IJS.

o Assignments have been given out to instructors for this event.

o All Regions were asked to ensure attendance at this event and to make sure everyone attending is a current member.

o All instructors were asked to host a class within their regions.

o Virtual schools were encouraged as well in this COVID environment.

· Mike Karnes Memorial Items

o Doug suggested the 2021 NATS be renamed to the Mike Karnes Memorial NATS. Trophies would have the Mike Karnes name engraved on them. There was no opposition to this suggestion.

o Toby will be CD of Mikes annual event May 15th and 16th at the AMA fields in Muncie. Toby suggested that all proceeds from the event be donated to Mike’s Family along with a dedication ceremony. A memorial album will be developed to give to the family members along with a picture display at the event. The last airplane Mike flew will also be flown at the event.

o Doug mentioned items that had been discussed in a BOD forum about Mike’s passing. One suggestion made was that the IMAC donate a brick at the Walk of Fame at AMA HQ. Toby suggested we do this during the NATS. The forum post suggested an amount of $500. This was tabled until next month for further discussion.

o Doug also said that the AMA will also be putting an article in Model Aviation.

o The GoFundMe set up by Alex for Mike’s widow, was at $5100 so far, this is to help the family with final expenses. Rick attempted to make contact with Jim Graham to see if we could publish something on Flying Giants to draw attention to the campaign.

o Doug is working on retrieving the IMAC items from the family and has made arrangements for that as soon as the family is ready. Alan Batts will pick up those items at the appropriate time.

· Transfer of Accounts.

o Jim attempted to transfer the existing account with Wells Fargo and ran into issues with that transfer, so he went to Bank of America in Arizona and we have been approved for an account and waiting on account and instruments for the account for transfer from Wells Fargo to BoA.

· Budget Presented and Approved for 2021

o International fees for mass registration will still be $20.00.

o Primo made a motion we approve the budget as presented, Gale seconded the motion, and it was unanimously approved.

Website Update

o Doug shared the URL for the new website for the BOD to see.

o Every attempt to preserve the history of the website during this transition.

o Dan Carroll is continuing to work on the updated website and has made great progress and we are looking forward to an early Spring debut for the new website.

o Discussion was had on how much this has cost Dan in software modules that he has purchased and we will reimburse him for these expenses.

· Treasurers Report

o Checking Account Balance = $3,926.94

o PayPal Account = $42,145.18

o Total available funds = $46,072.12

o Rick made a motion and Toby made a second that we approve the Treasurers Report as given, all agreed.

· Regional Reports

o North East – Dave Dupre

New location for NE Regionals in NY.

Working with CD’s on contests for 2021

o South East – Primo Rivera

CD’s need to provide all necessary information for a contest to be approved.

5 contests already scheduled.

o South Central – Amanda Darling

7 contests scheduled.

Judging school is setup with 13 signed up.

Boot camp setup as well.

Amanda has already sold $60.00 of SWAG items Doug had given her to sell.

o North West – Gale Vasquez

8 contests setup.

Judging school setup.

Border is still closed.

o South West – Jacques Telles

9 contests so far on the schedule.

SW vs SC scheduled and looking forward to that event.

East Valley Aviators is going through an issue and will be relocating in the future.

o Asia Pacific – Michael Hobson

20-30 events are in planning.

COVID is not at present an issue.

o Europe – Manrico Mincuzzi

Europe is still in lockdown, but contests are being scheduled 3-6 so far

France and Spain are completely locked down.

Italy will have 100 pilots signed are signed up.

o Latin America – Oliver Soto

Online judging school will be held for Brazil.

Mexico and Chile finals were held.

Argentina has now joined IMAC.

Mass registration is being used extensively in Latin America.

o North Central – Toby Silhavy

Mike Karnes contest in Muncie will start the season on 15-16 May.

Judging School may be held virtually to avoid COVID complications.

CD’s required to have all information prior to event approval.

COVD guidelines will be implemented.

Committed to a full season.

Regionals will be at Toledo Weak Signals Club

COVID will complicate Canadians Travel to the US

We will need to address regional points if the border stays closed.

Recommend the 3 northern regions align on a strategy for handling this issue.


Motion to Adjourn at 2255pm