Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday February 15th, 2021

Attendees: Doug Pilcher, Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Dave Dupre, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Amanda Darling, Gale Vasquez - Absent, Jacques Telles, Michael Hobson, Oliver Soto, Manrico Mincuzzi, Adi Kochav


Doug has asked all the following members to lead the following committees and they have all each accepted the positions. Ty Lyman - ISC Chair; Rich Whitlow - Newsletter Editor; Primo Riviera - Chief Judge. Doug would like to thank all for their participation and help.

Lifetime membership proposals have been presented for Mike Karnes and Phil Vance. Board unanimously approved.

Primo stated that the IJS for 2021 with it being online and not knowing the outcome the class ended up being a huge success. We had 65 total attendees both days. Now the people that attended the class will be going back to their respective regions to teach. Primo added he will be helping Oliver with his class in Latin America.

Doug received a large amount of IMAC property from Mikes Family. Special thanks to Alan Batts for handling and picking up the property and shipping it. The membership card printer and where Mike left off with the cards is deeming to be a timely task. The remaining swag merchandise has been put back into the swag inventory. The Board approved an AMA brick to be placed at AMA HQ and presented at the 2021 NATS.

The World 2022 to be held in Italy had to be postponed due to Covid last year. Alex mentioned a whole new proposal was being requested by the previous BOD. Manrico stated due to the postponement and maybe needing to move the event to a new location due to the NAC and FAI in Europe. Michael made a motion that we reopen the proposals for hosting the 2024 worlds and they need to be detailed and submitted by 30 Jun 2021 and we will address the issue at the July BOD Meeting. This would include location, staff, approvals from national authorities and a detailed plan. Seconded by Alex. There was no opposition.

Doug stated we are approaching the end of our remaining time with Roy and that we need to make sure the new website is live by the springtime. Doug asked the BOD for anyone who can help with transcribing the older articles to the new format.

Transfer Bank Account Update/Treasurers Report

The new Bank of America account has been opened now and Jim has begun migrating all the expenses to the new account. Most of the money from PayPal and Wells Fargo has now been transferred to the new account. Jim also stated that he was able to add Doug and Alex as authorized users on the BOFA and PayPal as well. Jim stated dues are now coming in again and expenses can go out.

Regional Updates/Issues

Asia Pacific - Contests are being scheduled for 2021.

NE - scheduling contests for 2021 and 4 in Canada are up in the air. Brad will be doing a judging school in May online.

NC - 2 judging schools will be held in April and they will all be virtual. Other schools may be held. Mike Karnes kickoff will be in May.

NW - 14 events scheduled, judging school to be held in March. (Report given by Rick Crow as Gale was Absent)

SW - 15 contests are scheduled so far; 1st contest will be held in February and hopefully all will take place. Judging school will take place in June or July.

SC - 13 contests have been scheduled with a boot camp on 6 Mar judging school 20 Mar and season opener 27 Mar in Odessa.

SE - 8 of 11 contests have been scheduled for 2021, CD’s will have authority to have contests pending COVID. School will be setup in the future.

Europe - Online training is ongoing in several countries. Covid issues remain.

LA - A small gathering of pilots will occur for a boot camp this coming weekend. One contest is scheduled for Mexico in May. Online judging schools are happening.