Present:  Mike Karnes, Doug Pilcher, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Brad Davy, Alex Dreiling, Ray Morton, Rich Whitlow and Clark Hymas

Absent: Primo Rivera

Guest:  Kevin Garland

Meeting began 9:00 p.m. EST.

Review of Meeting with IAC – Kevin Garland, Guest

Doug sent out the notes taken during the IAC meeting last Monday.  Kevin thought the meeting went really well.  A few of his ideas were discussed with the IAC and he felt that we got enough feedback to start on some of the ideas.

One of the biggest issues is to get our events posted to the IAC website.  Only a member can post the events to the IAC page, which Kevin will be rejoining.  Doug, Mike and Ales are members of the IAC.  Kevin and Doug invited IAC to our International Judging School in Arizona.  Kevin also mentioned to them about the aircrafts that are being worked on for training in the SW region.

An idea was mentioned of having joint membership in IMAC and IAC.  Joint membership will be tough due to IAC being under EAA.  They cannot offer rides to our members due to insurance.  We can help them more for IMAC, but it will be a little more difficult for the IAC to help our members.

Rich will be doing a cross publication with IAC and our newsletter.  IAC has a magazine and a digital version.  Rich has received the information for their editor.  We co do ads between the two publications.  IMAC could also do some reporting on their big events.  All of this depends on if they are restrictive with their print.  Cross judging is a possibility.  The IAC has more requirements for their judges, with amount of flights judged and amount of flights flown per year.  It is a long drawn out process.  Their judging is a little more difficult than IMAC.  Our software that included a test at the end of each module is currently unavailable.  Brad is working on another online judging school like he has held in the past.

The consensus of between the two organizations is that they are interested in the cross publication in the newsletters and to bringing our online judging school back.  This is currently the goals set.

10% rule and Splitting the International Region – Adi Kochav

Adi informed the BOD that we need to get ahead of the issue on the 10% rule.  This situation could arise at a contest where a pilot will appeal the 10% rule.  The current IMAC rules state that the proof of scale is up to the pilot.  He has had a question from a manufacturer.  Adi believes that we should no longer leave this proof of scale up to the pilot, due to the ARF planes and the building kits.  Adi made a recommendation that IMAC make a list of approved planes.

Adi has been researching plane specs and it is hard to find the actual specs online.  He suggested that we show the pilots how to measure their planes.  Currently, Rule 6.5 states the measurements come from the width and height from the fuselage and the wings.  We take the 10% rule from the wingspan.  Adi says we can get the wingspan and fuselage, but the height is almost impossible to get.

Adi has begun compiling a list of planes that fall under the 10% rule.  Several European manufacturers fall under this rule except with the new Krill Laser.  It is not within IMAC specifications.  The rest are 3-5% off.  The Carden is up to the 10% rule, along with JTec.  Adi can measure the Extreme Flight planes.  He suggests that we have a spreadsheet with all the specs.

Brad doesn’t believe that we can do this.  We don’t have the manpower and the resources to undergo such an enormous task. A catalog of approved planes could be tedious and time consuming.  Rich agree with Brad on not needing an inclusive listing of planes, but that a list of known acceptable or problematic planes should be made available to the membership.  Adi says that may of the pilots do not know how to calculate the 10% rule and we need to provide them with a mathematical equation on how each pilot can make this calculation.

It come to the fact that they are within the 10% rule if you go by what they are claiming the full scale version.  We accept that it is within 10% from the manufacturers.  The scratch built planes would need to prove the 10% rule.  Adi sees this becoming an issue at the next IMAC Worlds.  Adi and Manrico has measured several planes and they are measuring at 15%.  They are measuring the model wing and divided it by the real wing; then measure the model fuselage and divided it by the real fuselage.  Brad state that the measurement Adi is talking about is on the wings, tail, and stabilizer.  The rest is judging at 10ft away.  Scale shall be determined by the wingspan.  A change in wingspan will be a change in overall scale.  Adi believes that we should enforce the rule and measure the airplanes.

One of the BOD members asked where this conversation has started.  Brad said that it was started on Flying Giants, and it was a question on the AJ Laser.  It was also share on Facebook.  This isn’t just an issue in Europe; it is also an issue in the U.S.  Adi said that the pilot needs to know what is acceptable and if they are flying a real IMAC scale plane.

Adi has been discussing with the BOD about splitting up the International Region.  They are wanting to split this region into three different regions:  Latin America ( South America countries), European (Europe Continent), and Asia-Pacific (Australia and Pacific countries).  They will be requiring all pilots to be IMAC members.  They have 43 members from Italy, which is almost every pilot.  They signed up 36 pilots the other day.  The regions are constantly growing.  Argentina and Mexico will sign every pilot.  By doing this, the International Region will have 200 pilots by the end of the year.  Adi believes that splitting the region into three different regions, will give them even more members.  With the split, there will also be a regional director for each region. 

Adi has been discussing the splitting of the region with the BOD for quite some time.  Brad recommended a proposal being brought to the BOD.  The current BOD will appoint an RD until the next election.  Within 60 days,  members of that region can nominate a new regional director.  Samantha had a question of if the regions would expect the regional funding that the current domestic regions receive and how we will manage this with the currency exchange rates.  One of the ideas mentioned was that RD would spend the money and get reimbursed by Phil.  Adi also believes that we should raise the International membership dues to $40.  Adi will make a list and Brad brought up that we need to make a map of the boundaries.

Combo Pattern/IMAC Event – Rich Whitlow

Rich has been approached from District 6 to explore the possibilities of a dual Pattern/IMAC event.  He knew that we would gain some exposure with the Pattern hobby, possibly have some cross members.  The logistics are going to be very difficult to get in enough rounds for both events.  Rich will sit down with this individual to see what it would take to do an event with each group.  The first event won’t be until 2020.  Right now, this is just in discussion.  Pattern and IMAC will be doing a joint event in March.

Membership Profiles per Region – Mike Karnes

Mike has been sending out membership cards.  He just emailed to the RDs members with incomplete profiles.  Mike is asking the RDs to please take time to work on the list.  We need the members’ addresses to be able to send them their membership cards.  So far, Mike has sent over 400 card to the members.

By-Law Change and How to Create Annual Meet – Brad Davy

Brad posted the information on the By-Law change and the annual meeting, and no one has made any comments.  Brad suggests that we set a date now for the annual meeting.  We need to get the membership comfortable with how the meeting will be held.  Mike suggests the beginning of June to hold the annual meeting.  The announcement of the annual meeting will have to be posted on the IMAC front page on the website.  Then, an email would need to be sent to all members on record to notify of the annual meeting of the By-Laws.  This must be done 30 days in advance of the meeting.  Samantha mentioned to post the annual meeting to the Regional pages to help remind members of the meeting.  The created forum would open for discussion the first of June and would remain open until June 14th.  Mike would call the meeting to order in the forum.  Once the meeting is open, the first topic of discussion is about the amendment to the By-Laws, Article 10.  Then, it is just a matter of discussion for two weeks.  At the end of the two weeks, we will close the forum to comments and initiate the online poll.  This would give the membership the opportunity to vote for or against the amendments.  The two forums would be separate:  one for discussion and one for only the poll.  The poll will strictly be a yes or no vote.  By hosting the annual meeting online, we are providing all members, including the International Region, their right to vote.  Right now, it requires a 2/3 vote of the members being present.  This would be a 2/3 majority of the online vote.

For the additional changes, this would allow us to propose the amendment, have the membership discuss for 30 days, and then be voted on.

The Use of Electronic Scoring in IMAC – Ray Morton

Ray informed the BOD that he would be willing to try the electronic scoring systems that are currently used by other organizations.  He has also received word from other CDs in the North Central region that they would be willing to try these systems.  Ray asked for some guidance on which system to try.  Ray informed the BOD that the pattern system will be used in the North Central region at his event.  Brad said that to use caution with the Pattern system, due to the fact the pattern system is not incorporated within our score program.  After the contest, all scores would have to be inputted into the IMAC scoring system manually.  Ray believes that he will be able to use the import/export function.  Doug also does not believe this to be the case.

Adi says that Italy has an electronic scoring system that works in Italy, called the Notaumatic.  Dan Carroll is working on the integration that allows it to work with the score system that IMAC is using.  It has been tested in several IMAC contests.  Australia is going to do the first trial.

Doug informed the BOD that this discussion was held in a forum 6 months ago, which he reposted 11 days ago.  Doug asked for a plan, which includes testing, funding, trials, etc. to be sent to him and he would present to the BOD.  The only two replies were from Ray and Jeff Marsuchek.  Doug hasn’t received a formal plan.  Doug has spoke with Dan Carroll and Australia is going to do the trial run, but Dan is still not ready.  We could have been a part of the beta testing, but Doug received no replies to pursue this, so he moved onto other projects.  We are currently not ready and a plan is not in place to try and incorporate the Notaumatic or the Pattern system into our IMAC events.

Ray said that they are doing beta testing and we need to see if we can do the beta testing in parallel.  Ray doesn’t think that it will be very difficult to incorporate into our current score system.  Alex asked if anyone has spoken with Peter Vogel, who resides in California.  The few BOD members that knew his system said it wouldn’t import into our score system.  Mr. Vogel’s system uses at least 2 iPod units, which are currently being phased out.  His system is around $1,000-2,000 for a contest setup.  Mr. Vogel’s system also has so many different buttons and so many different inputs.  Mike asked if Mr. Vogel would setup the IMAC score program in his unit.

Currently, the only system that will import is the Notaumatic.  Adi says that the Notaumatic is more doable because of the break in sequence and other break penalties incorporated within the system.  A Notaumatic system is 200 euros per unit.  Each contest will need at least three units for each event.  There is a $600 investment on hardware.  Australia has bought 5 units and Italy has bought 5-6 units as well.  France manufactures the Notaumatic.  This guy also makes the score system for the Pattern system.

Mike would like to see a company manufacture these units, instead of an individual that could stop production or support at any time.  What happens if we invest in these units and the individuals decides not to make them anymore?  Mike used the IMAC app as an example.  The individual that created this app decided he didn’t want to do it anymore.  Mike would feel a little safer if a company produced these units, but it would be hard to get a company to produce only 20 units.  We would also need a software solution that isn’t platform dependent.  Our current system runs in multiple different environments that run Java.  Brad suggests that we should have a two-button controller.

Ray is willing to volunteer to do any system for IMAC.  He says there is a lot of enthusiasm in the NC region for an electronic scoring system.  Ray believes that the sooner we get started the better.  Mike asked Ray who would be available to write the unknowns into the program for testing.  If we can borrow AMA’s unit, we need to see if we can try it at Mike’s contest in May.  Ray said the system can be configured for an IMAC contest for the unknowns.  With the International beta testing the systems, we will be able to get some feedback from them.  They have been testing for 2 years and still are working on it.  They are doing this independently.

M&M and the Toledo Trade Show – Doug Pilcher

Mike and Doug have been contacted by Matt Komar about going to the Toledo Show.  Matt and some members of the M&M Committee are going as volunteers for the IMAC booth.  They have received a free booth, along with 2 weekend vendor passes.  One of the committee members will be doing all of the printing that is needed.  Matt is asking the BOD to reimburse them for some fuel, parking, and extra badges.  Matt has also asked if they can offer the $20 signup promotion that Primo has done.  Doug told matt that he would be able to offer this as a one-time promotion.  Matt also asked about stick planes and Doug told him to talk to Toby Silhavy.  He will find out how much the planes would cost.  They are asking for about 50 stick planes.  The initial budget for the Toledo Show was $500 and the M&M committee is asking for some reimbursement of expenses.  There is no cost for the booth.  With the booth, it come with 1 table and 4 chairs.  Right now, all members running the booth are volunteers.

Currently, there is a  budget for the WRAM, Toledo, and Joe Nall of $1,500.

The BOD had initially agreed to not attend the Toledo Show.  Phil believes that we don’t recoup what we put into the show.  Rich believes that we should give them the money being requested.  Ray has spoke with Rob Willis and the IMAC booth will be adjacent to one of the IMAC vendors.  Basically, the booth will be covered at all times.

With one objection, the BOD agreed to reimburse for gas, parking and 5 extra badges.  The BOD also agreed to offer a one-time membership promotion of $20.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

Phil has been having issues with PayPal.  He had to write a letter to the IRS and have them mail back to PayPal , a 147 c form.  It had to be faxed to PayPal and then they would reopen the account. 

There is another issue with PayPal.  The IMAC PayPal account was started back in 2004 by Steve Evans.  It has been in Mr. Evan’s name ever since.  The options we have are to change the name or close the account and start a new one.  The only one who can close the account is Steve Evans.  We won’t be able to transfer money with a new account.  Phil has spoken with Melissa with PayPal and they are wanting to show IMAC as a business.   One option that would help with this is to have the electronic debit of the IMPACT software to come out of the account.  Melissa is going to work with the office and see what they can get done.  With being incorporated, this should be easy.

A question arose that since IMAC is now incorporated, should we file income taxes for 2018.

Phil has sent the 2018 World financial statement out to the Executive Board today.  The Worlds had done really well.  Once the World financial report is approved, he will send out to the financial report for 2018.

The donation hasn’t been made to AMA for the 2018.  Last year, we gave a $1,000 donation and bought a brick.  A motion was made to purchase a brick by Samantha McKinney and seconded by Rich Whitlow.  Motion passed unanimously.  Phil will talk with AMA to purchase the brick.

The balance in the IMAC General Operating account as of today is:

Checking      $30,432.17

PayPal          $  3,963.88

Total            $34,396.05

Phil asked the RDs if they had received their regional reports.  All regional accounts have been set back to actual per revised budget changes.  

Regional Issues – All RDs

Ray has spoken with Bill Teeter.  Canada Transport is potentially coming up with new rules starting June 1.  These rules sound pretty restrictive and prohibitive.  One mentions of a 400 ft ceiling limits.

Meeting adjourned 11:09 p.m. EST.