Attendees: Mike Karnes, Charles Youngblood, Samantha McKinney, Phil Vance, Brad Davy, Steve Sides, Ron Graham, Doug Pilcher, Michael Verzwyvelt, Rusty Fried

Guests: Jerry Hailey – Education Committee Chairman

Meeting in session: 8:07 p.m. CST

National Judging School – Charles Youngblood

National Judging School was held Friday, January 16 through Sunday, January 18, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida. Charles reported that there was a good instructor school on Friday. They went over the new rules. All regions were well represented by at least 2 people. There were 24 instructors and 15 students in attendance. Brad asked for a list of judges that participated to help setup the judges for the regional schoolings. Mike received the listing of all judges and students from Phyllis Youngblood and will forward it to all the regional directors. Everyone agreed that Sunday’s practical was the best ever seen, which was hosted by Jerry Hailey and Kent Porter. It was reported that the judging school brought in $860.

Rule 6.2 – Jerry Hailey

Jerry Hailey reported that there was a question during the student’s class by Dean Bird at the National Judging School. They decided it would be best to take to the BOD first. His question was on “If the competitor corrects any errors in an exit flight path, bank angle, or heading before initiating the subsequent figure, only the first shall be downgraded.” One of the instructors believes that this cannot be corrected in one fuselage length. Jerry addressed this question first with Brian Howard, editor of the IAC Committee. IAC does give the pilot the entire line to correct for altitude errors. Brian says that IMAC interprets the rule better and IAC might change their rule in the future. Jerry also contacted Ty Lyman, former National Judging School Instructor. Ty said this was brought up a few years ago with Kurtis Waites and they decided the rule wasn’t going to change. He also mentioned that this was no different than an internal line. Steve made the motion to leave the ruling the same, one fuselage length to get back to horizontal or have points deducted again. This motion was seconded, and a vote was called. Motion carried unanimously.

Rule 6.3d – Jerry Hailey

During practical on Sunday, they were flying the 2015 Sportsman routine, trying to demonstrate Figure 10 in the rule book. Break penalty and break in sequence came up as an issue. Jerry was asked a question on why can’t 2 break penalties be applied to a single horizontal line? Jerry commented that if he was a CD at a contest and a pilot protested 2 break penalties on a maneuver, that he would not override the judges’ scores. Mike argued that 2 break penalties cannot be applied on the same maneuver. Charles also agreed that 2 break penalties cannot be assessed. If the pilot exits correctly, the break isn’t applied. Anything corrected on an internal line or radius does not issue a break penalty. Charles then asked the question: If the pilot does more than the allowable maneuver to correct, does this create a break in sequence? With multiple discussions and separate scenarios being discussed, the actual question was moved to the BOD forum so that the question would be clear. On Sunday, February 1, 2015, in the BOD forum the question was: Does the BOD support the ability to apply 2 break penalties to a single horizontal line in a same figure? Vote was 7 Nay, 3 did not vote.

Toledo Show – Ron Graham

Ron informed the BOD of his ideas for the Toledo Show, which is the second weekend in April. IMAC has booth reserved, which is given to us, and 4 hotel rooms reserved. Ron reported that IMAC numbers are dropping off and he sees this as an opportunity, especially for the North Central Region, to attract veteran and prospective participants into the sport. Some of Ron’s questions was how to handle the symposium, booth setup, and how to attract people to the booth. Ron believes that what we are doing isn’t working. The attendance at the 2013 symposium was only 2-3 people. Last year, newsletters and sequences were handed out from the booth. Ron mentioned ideas of a raffle, flyers for judging schools and contests, and practice planes. There was a question as to if IMAC should have a booth, but the BOD agreed that attendees would notice and that we should definitely have a presence since we are coming off the World Championships.

World Championship Committee – Mike Karnes

Mike reported that Germany, Netherlands, the Czechs, and French are now on board. He believes that a committee should be brought together to establish guidelines for host countries. He has asked Wayne Matthews to head this committee. Phil made the motion for Wayne to head up this committee. Motion was seconded. Motion carried by unanimous vote. Mike will post on the forum some of the guidelines and requirements that he as came up with for the BOD to review.

Financial Report – Phil Vance

Phil reported the balances for December 2014 and January 2015

December 31, 2014 January 29, 2015

Checking $16,502.17 $13,324.98

Pay Pal $26,021.15 $26,021.05

Totals $42,523.32 $39,346.03

He reported the World Championships made a profit of $6,933.92. Year-end financials will be done within the next few days. Phil also sent the regional fund reports to the corresponding directors. A question was raised on if the regional judging schools were self-supporting. Most of them are. If any judging school has any money after expenses are covered, it is sent in to Phil and put in their regional fund. If any binders or rule books are needed, contact Mike. When books are sold, the money needs to be sent to Phil. Phil wanted to BOD to think about IMAC becoming incorporated or a 501(c) status due to the amount of money being handled. BOD can be held liable. Mike said that he attended a SIGS meeting and AMA is considering taking IMAC under their umbrella, but IMAC would still have its own management, which would cover the BOD.

Regional Directors’ Reports

Northeast and Southeast were fine, along with the North Central region. Doug asked how new membership from 2015 was being handled in regional funds. BOD voted in December’s meeting that any new membership in 2015 would be included in 2016’s regional funds. Northwest raised the question on how to reimburse an instructor for using his air miles for the cost of his ticket. Phil said that he would reimburse the cost of what the ticket would have cost, which this instructor has a receipt of.

Meeting adjourned at 10:13 p.m. CST.