Attendees: Mike Karnes, Charles Youngblood, Samantha McKinney, Phil Vance, Steve Sides, Doug Pilcher, Ron Graham, and Rusty Fried

Absent: Brad Davy, Michael Verzwyvelt

Meeting in session: 8:06 p.m. CST

Toledo Conclusion - Ron Graham

Ron thought that Toledo was successful. On Friday for the symposium, there were 9 new attendees. Saturday had 29 attendees, who which 20 were new. We received exposure in Flying Giants, with around 800-1000 hits. Information was also posted on the IMAC website, with around 300 hits. Several chipped in to help. Mike Karnes presented judging criteria. Mike Roxberry presented what to expect at contests. Ron and Kurt Koelling presented on the trimming. Best turnout at a symposium in 4 years. A lot of new interest this year. Ron noticed that many people gave a response of “I’m not that good” or “I don’t have that big of plane.” At the booth, there were videos playing, equipment on display, and flyers on the table.

Go To Meeting Score Program - Samantha McKinney

Mike and Samantha are hosting a Go-To-Meeting on the Score program on Tuesday, May 5 at 7:00 p.m. CST. Currently there are 11 signed up. There will only be around 20 attendees per meeting. The main purpose is to teach the basics of the Score program, such as setting up pilots, entering scores, etc. Samantha will have a study guide for the attendees to take to contests as a reference. Her main concern is to make sure the contest directors can run the Score program as well as their score keepers.

Online Training Videos -  Steve Sides

Steve reported that the feedback from the online training videos have been very impressive. There are videos for 9 families and the arresti. They are working with the education committee on getting feedback on what needs to be changed, added, etc. These videos are a work-in-progress. The videos are ready to be posted for the larger group. Steve said that they are working on adding a quiz to the training, possibly after each video. Ron made a suggestion of adding an interactive section with the videos for the judging seminars. Steve doesn’t believes the videos were made for a classroom setting. Charles has been working with Jerry on incorporating the questions, due to the two different software. The education

committee is asking the BOD if the videos are suitable to go in front of the membership. Rusty suggested to put the videos out to there to use and get feedback. Steve said that they would like a common storage place somewhere for the videos and files for nothing happens to them. Phil mentioned giving them space on the IMAC website. Charles mentioned that once we store them and link to them that there will be a problem if we try to move them. The file size is around 46MB and around 12 videos. Phil made the motion to let the education committee do what they need to and talk to Roy. Charles seconds. Motion passed.

Excellent job on the videos!!!

NATS -  Mike Karnes

Mike has been looking for judges, and it has been hard to get qualified judges. If needed, there will be some contestant judges. When asking for judges, the consensus has been they want to fly if they attend. There will also be a regional set of trophies. The top 3 pilots in the winning region will receive a trophy. A guy has stepped up to sponsor the trophies, possibly a crystal-type trophy.

Mike met with Tony at Muncie. Tony believes that scale aerobatics should be the premiere event at the NATS and wants to do what he can to help. Mike approached AMA last year about redoing site 4 and was shot down. Site 4 doesn’t fit with our airplanes due to the houses. Mike has asked for them to center it up. Now, after talking to Tony, they are looking into it over the next year. Second, to be the premiere event, it needs to be pushed into the NATS, instead of by ourselves. They also discussed moving the NATS around the country, which in past years has been a no. There is no longer a problem as long as it stays the same financially. They might even send a couple of people to help. Sound was also discussed. Mike is hoping that it doesn’t get pushed and have to start testing planes again. Overall, Mike is still trying to get the NATS organized.

Secondly, FAI and CIVA, on Friday voted to adopt almost all our scale aerobatics rules into F3M. Mike talked with Tony and he printed out the agenda. It is still the unlimited class. They didn’t adopt all classes. Tony said that we should be flattered that they are adopting scale aerobatics rules to save F3M. AMA says it is up to us if we want to go along with them. We can put together a team and send to the F3M Championships. Rusty is concerned with this move. Mike asked about the copyright infringement and there isn’t any. They can use what they want. Tony suggested that we have someone follow them.

Financials Phil Vance

The financials for the months of March and April:


March, 2015

April, 2015


$ 8,900.12

$ 6,665.21




Total Cash on Hand



Phil reported that the total expenses for the Toledo show was $2,632.91.

Regional Directors’ Reports

Phil reports that he will be helping Wayne at his booth at Joe Nall. Wayne will have an area for IMAC information. Phil will also be interviewed several times throughout the show.

Rusty’s region just had 2 judging schools and were very successful. Colorado was held by Mike Hurley. Colorado and Phoenix had 17 attendees, and there are more schools to be hosted in June in California.

Steve hosted a Basic-Only contest. They reviewed Aresti basic sequences and shared tips to flying better. There were 10 attendees, and for most was their first contest. They charged $10 for IMAC members or $50 for non-IMAC members, which included a one year membership. This contest turned out to be real competitive. Several volunteers showed up to help. It was a single line contest. Steve said this contest was very rewarding and will be hosting another one again.

Ron says Toledo was good. There have been two different judging schools in Canada that was successful. The organization for the Americas Cup in Michigan has started. The Muncie judging school had 29 attendees. Mike used a few of the educational videos during the training.

Meeting adjourned at 9:36 CST.