Present:  Mike Karnes, Doug Pilcher, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Primo Rivera, Adi Kochav, Brad Davy, Alex Dreiling, Rich Whitlow, and Ray Morton

Absent:  Clark Hymas

Meeting began 9:01 p.m. EST.

Online Store Online – Mike Karnes

The online store is open.  It is on the IMAC tab at the top, next to the “Hangar.”  There are three hats for sale; special order banner; and some license plates.  Prices are listed under each item.  Shipping will be added at checkout.  If any of the BOD has any ideas on what we can sell, please let Mike know.  Primo mentioned decals being designed for each region to sell.  An idea of designing of an IMAC shirts was also mentioned.  Doug is worried about the shirts we got left from the Worlds, due to the shirt sizes.

Annual Meeting Agenda – Mike Karnes and Brad Davy

The BOD will send out the Annual Meeting agenda on May 1st.  The only thing on the agenda is the By-Laws change.  This item is to give us permission to change the By-Laws without having an annual meeting.  The objective is to keep things strictly to what must be decided in an annual meeting.  The first two weeks of June a poll will be open to allow for the members to participate and cast their vote.

We have not asked for other agenda items.  Brad doesn’t see that we need to have any other agenda items.  We are trying to provide the ability to discuss the proposed change and to have a vote on the proposed change.  The By-Laws can only be modified at an annual meeting.  There are more topics that need to be revised over the course of the year.

If the Annual Meeting forum gets off topic, these topics will be removed and can be put into a different forum post by the poster/member.

Guidelines to become IMAC Affiliated and Good Standing – Adi Kochav

Adi has put together guidelines for the International region.  Mike and Doug have been helping him.  Adi says that we need to establish some guidelines for the International region.  The standards he has presented are the domestic IMAC regions follow now.  Beginning in 2020, International IMAC membership will go from “should” to “shall” be a member of IMAC.   Adi has talked with several countries, and many of them agreed with it.  Czech Republic has registered their IMAC pilots, around 20 members.

Adi would like to restrict the unknowns to contests that have no registered IMAC members.  Brad disagrees with this action.  One member can be a member of IMAC and request unknowns.  This is not in accordance with our By-Laws.  These By-Laws apply to each region, including the International region.  Adi says that if we don’t enforce the Guidelines and Standards, International region will fail.

Each and every region needs to have their own RD and they must follow the IMAC standards and guidelines.

Brad suggests that we discuss these standards and guidelines and set a plan in place.  Mike sent these guidelines to the BOD for review for discussion amongst the BOD.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

The Executive BOD has been sent the 2018 IWC Financials and the 2018 Year-End Financials for review.  There is approval from the Executive BOD to present to the rest of the BOD for review.

The World Championships had revenues of $60,520.01 and expenses of $53,642.72.  The Worlds had a net income of $6,877.29.  This profit does not include the profit from the 2014 World Championships.

The 2018 Year-End Financials had revenues of $79,084.17 and expenses of $86,038.67.  Brad Davy called for the vote.  By roll-call vote, motion passed unanimously.

As of tonight, the General Operating account has:

Checking                 $23,747.33

PayPal                     $12,222.23

Total                        $35,969.56

We are currently using for the shipping of the products from the online store, along with purchasing of postage for the membership cards, the red books, etc.  Phil will be keeping a separate spreadsheet for financials on the online store.

Region Reports – All RDs

Ray has reported that some of his region members would like to see the minutes posted within 30 days of the meeting.  Toledo was a positive experience.  An overview of the show was posted to the website.  Ray asked if we have a booth at Joe Nall. Doug said that he had attempted to get a booth/camping site and was advised there is no room.  Canada will be having a judging school.  Bill Teeter and Don McLellan will be hosting it.

Brad reported that the NE region will be kicking off its season in two weeks.  They are currently in the middle of their online judging school.  Brad has been recording each session.  At the end of the school, he will see if they could be added to the website for other members to review.

The SE region already has three contests in for the 2019 season.  They are about to have their 4th contests.  Primo reported that they are having some really good turnouts in the Basic class.  He is working on getting some IMAC demos scheduled. 

The SC had their first contest in Odessa, which is a new contest.  Rich reported that the Smack-Down contest is at the end of the month.  The SC will also be having their first skills clinic.  Rich has been contacting new members and members renewing.  He has been giving them a new member packet and has been keeping in touch with them.

Alex reported that the SW has had 6 contests.  The contests are done in California and Arizona.  There has been quite a bit of participation in the lower classes.

Adi reported that Israel held a judging school contest.  This contest did not include an unknown.  They were teaching the judges how to follow the Aresti sequence.  We have new pilots registered from the Czech Republic.  Many more countries will be doing the mass registration and will take effect in 2020.  Italy is getting ready for the European Open.  They have also been testing the electronic scoring with a lot of success.

Meeting adjourned at 10:47 p.m. EST.