(Submitted by Rob Willis)

The team consisted of 11 volunteers, all of which supported the event with booth design, marketing, an IMAC seminar, media coverage and manning the booth itself.  I have to admit the days were long, but we had so much fun meeting old friends and new members that I would not hesitate to volunteer next year as well!

Some brief details:

  • We decided to go “Green” (no pun intended MI State Fan’s).  We printed copies of each of the event flyers, taped them to the table and posted a calendar of events for interested parties to simply take a picture of the contest they had an interest in which saved a lot of printing costs. 
  • Several members contributed numerous past event photos which was played on a monitor throughout the show.  They consisted of pilots, big birds and camping fun!
  • Our team presented a seminar “Everything You Need to Know About IMAC”.  Once again, we had a great attendance and it was professionally videotaped for future marketing.
  • We provided a “Show Discount” $20.00 memberships for new and past members beyond 3 years expired.
  • We announced the new “Novice Class” which was a huge draw to those who knew what we were about but were not ready to cross the flight line.

The results were amazing!  17 new members!  (We even signed up a member in South America). Sold 17 IMAC hats, 31 stick planes and several IMAC decals. 

As if it could not get any better; Once all was compiled minus expenses we earned $265.00 for IMAC!

Now that spring is here the real work begins…  We need to make sure our “Community” reaches out to all of our new and existing members, keep them involved, offer support and in return they will help get the word out that we are a family oriented organization that they can rely upon for building techniques, flying advancement and companionship.

Special Thanks; Isaac Silhavy, Toby Silhavy, Aaron Schrader, Bert Garrison, Ty Lyman, Mike Roxberry, Lou Matustik, Paul Deppe, Mike Karnes, Kurt Koelling and Matt Komar.


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