Present:  Mike Karnes, Gil Major, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Doug Pilcher, Steve Sides, Alex Dreiling, Adi Kochav, Brad Davy, and Clark Hymas.

Absent: Jeff Marsuchek

Meeting began 9:00 p.m. EST.

World Championship – Steve Sides

All the judging spots have been filled.  Steve would like to have a few backup judges, just in case of a scheduling conflict.

A question was asked if there are any requirements for the International participants on a driver’s license.  Adi informed the BOD that the European license is in English and it is acceptable in the United States.

Mike made some great connections at Toledo.  Mike spoke with Falcon Propellers and AJ Aircraft.  Other companies that have been contacted are KamAero, Jtec, Jeti, Dee Force Aviation, Mark McCellan, and JJ Tailwheels.  Steve has contacted DA about the same items that were donated for the 2014 Worlds, an engine for each class winner and a special DA 200 that can be raffled off.

Mike showed the BOD what the design for the centerfold of the magazine would look like.

Samantha is going to speak with Colleen and get with the Chamber on the information for the pilot bags.  Mike has spoken with Yolanda.  He has gotten a second air conditioned trailer that will be on site 4.  Mike is going to ask Phyllis about splitting up the score team with her on site 3 and Samantha on site 4.  There were some issues in 2014 about scores not being posted quick enough.  Then, the score programs can be joined for the final score.

Advertising World Site – Doug Pilcher

Doug wanted to remind the BOD that there are personal/business ad banners that we have been discussing in the forums.  These ad banners can be personalized per pilot, region, or team.  An individual cost $25, a business is $100, and an AMA club is $50.  The business ads will have a link back to their website on a different page.  We could blast out to the team managers to get the information spread out for these.

Adi will post to the International and Doug will post to the states.

We are currently averaging 3,000 hits a week on the World’s website.

World Practice Sites – Mike Karnes

Mike has finalized the World practice sites.  The information is posted on the World’s website.  Steve can send out a link with this information.  Mike has spoken with Ray Morton, manager of Team USA, to inform him of these sites.

Sponsored Pilots in Your Region – Mike Karnes

Any RDs that know your sponsored pilots, have them talk to their sponsors to get some donations.

International Issues – Adi Kochav

Manrico flew to Turkey and now we have IMAC in Turkey.  Adi has spoken with them through FaceTime.  A boot camp will be held in Istanbul.  Overseas, there is an issue with weather this year.  Many pilots are only registering one to two weeks out because of the weather.  Adi was wondering if a contest is scheduled and cancelled due to weather, if they can reschedule this contest within 30 days of its original date.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

At the end of March, the financials is as follows:

Checking:                  $21,598.14

PayPal:                     $30,128.02

Total:                        $51,726.16

As of today, April 16, the financials is as follows:

Checking:                 $40,114.49

PayPal:                     $10,105.98

Total:                       $50,220.47

We are currently are on track to where we were before the 2014 Worlds.

Regional Issues – All RDs

The Northwest region is also having issue with weather.  Their first contest was cancelled due to weather.  Now, the first contest is in about two weeks.

The Southwest region is doing well.

The South Central’s first contest was rained out.  It has been rescheduled.

The Northeast is getting ready to kickoff their season.  The season opener is the last weekend in April.  The online judging school is currently in progress.  There are 5 in attendance.  Another judging school is the Saturday before Mother’s Day in May.

The Southeast currently has four contest in the books.  Another contest is this coming weekend.

The North Central region has their judging school this coming weekend at Muncie, Indiana.  They are expecting around 25 guys in attendance.

Meeting adjourned at 10:29 pm. EST.