Present: Mike Karnes, Gil Major, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Doug Pilcher, Steve Sides, Alex Dreiling, Adi Kochav, Brad Davy, and Clark Hymas.

Absent: Jeff Marsuchek

Meeting began at 9:03 p.m. EST.

RCP’s Pass Initial Vote – Mike Karnes

All the RCP’s passed the initial vote.  There were some objections to some of the RCP’s, but the majority agreed.  Everything we submitted should be fine.

World Championship – Steve Sides

As stated last month, all the judging spots have been filled, but we are still looking for a few backup judges.  Steve has spoken with a few more judges, who he thinks will commit.  Shirts and hats are still being sold online and at local contests.  Mike still has several shirts and hats available to be sold.

An email has been sent to all members asking them about the banner advertising.  Doug hit three regions with emails to SC, NW, and SW AMA clubs and Mike has sent to Indiana and Ohio AMA clubs.  Steve will be sending emails to his region.

Samantha has the pilot bags covered.  She is getting ready to order them and she has been in contact with Colleen at AMA for the information that goes in them.

Mike has been speaking to KamAero.  AJ Aircraft has donated an item that needs to be picked up.  Mike will be in Wisconsin in July and will work out a way to pick up the donation.  Steve is talking with DA on donations.

The money remaining from the 2014 Worlds has been earmarked to cover the banquet.  Currently, the expenses for the 2018 Worlds is $5,665.10 and income received is $10,541.60.  We have 39 people who have paid either the pilot or helper/mechanics fees.  As of tonight, we have 23 pilots who have paid, and we are expecting at least 70 more pilots and possibly helpers/mechanics.

World Practice Sites – Mike Karnes

As of now, we only have 2 fields available for pilots to practice for the Worlds.  This is the Converse and Morristown fields.  Mike has spoken with Rockford, Illinois and has setup their field for Clark.  There is a F3S aerobatic jet event at AMA Labor Day weekend.  This event will be held from Thursday to Sunday.  Jets will be on site 3 and the warbirds are on site 4.  The World pilots will have Monday and Tuesday to fly on the AMA sites.

The meet and greet is on Monday night.  Tuesday is registration and the March of Flags.  Competition starts on Wednesday and goes through Saturday, with the banquet being Saturday night.

Advertising on the World’s Website – Doug Pilcher

Doug just wanted to remind everyone to keep selling ads and to get this information out to their region.

Issue with Score – Doug Pilcher

We have had a couple of contests that had no Unknown flights able to be flown due to weather.  The .xml data that is created is incompatible with would not update regional points.  Doug is currently working on the fix with a null factor that needs to be inputted.  The new version we should have by Wednesday.  It doesn’t matter for the CDs, but it matters for the RDs for their checks and uploads.  There will be two other little fixes that will be done at the same time.  This will be re-posted to when completed.

M&M Committee – Adi Kochav

Adi and the committee have been talking and they have some ideas that they would like shared with the BOD.  Adi has sent an email out to the BOD regarding this matter.  They are discussing how to get more members into IMAC, especially with everything that the 21st century has to offer.  Adi will also post this information to the BOD forum for more in-depth review and conversation.

Clark mentioned that the committee wanted to go ahead and present these ideas to the BOD to see if they are approved or rejected to move onto different ideas.

International Issues – Adi Kochav

An International country has submitted a proposal for the 2022 World Championship.  Adi has forwarded this to the BOD.  They will also have a trial event two years before the 2022 World Championship.  They have also created a logo for the trial event that Adi will send out to the BOD members.

With the 2022 World application submitted, Mike will get a committee together to review it a little closer.  The city is offering to help with the 2022 World Championship.  The initial read looks good, but it needs to go through a committee to be reviewed thoroughly.

As of right now, this is the only application submitted for the 2022 World Championship.  The deadline for application submission is June 30.

SW RD – Alex Dreiling

Alex is working on the 2019 International Judging School and is having problems finding a location.  There are normally 40-60 people in attendance.  He is looking into venues in the Phoenix area.  Ty is onboard to head up the school and Doug will also be working with Alex and Ty with logistics.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

As of May 21, the financials is as follows:

Checking:               $39,773.20

PayPal:                  $14,723.04

Total:                     $54,496.24

As of this evening, the shirts and hats have brought in $2,216.45.  Money received in Pilots/Helpers fees is $8,360.00.  We should have around $25,000-$30,000 more to be received in pilot/helper fees.

Regional Issues – All RDs

The Northeast had their season opener and the weather did not disappoint.  They had their regional judging school.  It was just a one-day event and had 9 participants.

The Southeast has a couple of contests coming up in June.

South Central has a contest this weekend, but it is going to rain all weekend.  There were a few more registrations for NATS today.  Doug is hoping to have 25-30 pilots this year.

In the North Central, Mike’s contest was the season opener.  They had a little bit of rain on Saturday, but overall the contest went well.  Mike was able to raise $300 towards the North Central Region Fund for the World Pilots in North Central.  Kurt Koelling’s contest is this coming weekend.

The Southwest has another contest this weekend.  Things are going great.

The Northwest had their second contest this last weekend.

France had their first IMAC contest in the International region.  We now also have IMAC in the Czech Republic and Spain.  Spain had their first contest about a month or two ago.  Adi has posted some pictures on the International Region’s Facebook page.  IMAC Turkey had their first contest a few weeks ago.

Meeting adjourned at 10:28 p.m. EST.