Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday April 18th, 2022

Attendees: Doug Pilcher, Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Adi Kochav, Brian Webb, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Michael Hobson. Oliver Soto, Manrico Mincuzzi, Dave Dupre

Absent : Amanda Darling

1. Membership and Marketing Committee Reboot – Jacques has a member in the SW Region who is offering to help with Marketing for IMAC. The idea is to have a unified message on all social media outlets. This will be a volunteer effort and will proceed with input from the board. All posts for contests will link back to the IMAC Website.

2. Via Amanda Darling and an email update. NATS- everything is progressing well. I have sent out emails personally to those from last year for an invite and several have acknowledged they will come just waiting to register. Sponsors are the same no new ones at this time. Happy State Bank has donated $750 for our banquet dinner. I have ordered shirts for the event team. Looks like it will be a great year!!!!

3. IMAC as a leading discipline for Freestyle – Adi proposed several ideas to increase participation that would require rules changes which the board was not in favor of at this time. He will look at submitting RFA’s or rule change proposals for the 2025 Rules cycle.

4. Adi also suggested IMAC contests only be open to members – The BOD rejected this proposal but will continue to encourage all IMAC participants to join. This is already encouraged with the $20 discount as well with $20 mass registration options for International. US and Canada RD’s report most individuals are offered a free membership if attending a contest for the first time.

5. Adi continued Discussion on the worlds 2024 in Israel and will put together a site and event team proposal to be submitted and report back next month. The BOD currently believes that the timeline may already be too short for 2024. If a proposal is submitted with letters of intent from site local, then BOD will access it in May’s meeting for a decision.

6. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

April Checking Balance – $31701.15

April PayPal Balance - $23500.12

Total assets - $55201.27

7. Regional Reports

NE – 11 contests scheduled so far with the first contest in 2 weeks, several in Canada as well

SE – 2 contests done so far this year 5 more scheduled with more possible.

NC –Introduction to Basic school with GoToMeeting prior to Easter and a full online Judging School to be held prior to our first contest with the judging school to be held virtually.

NW – Held our virtual judging school as well as our first contest of the year.

EU – Europe has a refreshed energy with contests being scheduled, the war in Ukraine is causing issues. The war will cause an impact economically as well as contest participation.

SC – South Central is doing great with contests. 3 so far at time of this meeting. We had our judging school and had a great turn out. It has been busy with storms and rain and still cold here in SC, but I have heard several have had time to get out and fly.

SW- 5 contests complete so far, 4 new basic pilots at Hemet contest.

AP – Going well with many contests scheduled. Registration of pilots went well for membership in IMAC.

LA – Membership is an issue with the economy in Mexico and Argentina, Chile will be scheduling contests as well.