Present:  Mike Karnes, Doug Pilcher, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Primo Rivera, Rich Whitlow, Alex Dreiling, Toby Silhavy, Clark Hymas, and Michael Hobson

Absent:  Brad Davy, Manrico Mincuzzi, and Jorge Guzman

Guest:  Adi Kochav and Oliver Soto

Meeting began 9:04 p.m. EST.

Nominations Open September – Mike Karnes

Mike reminded the BOD that nominations fro the IMAC BOD will be opened in September.  We need to decide is how we will hold the elections.  The new forums will not be handle the elections; the website will host the elections.  Our webmaster will host the elections.  The nominations will open first of September and run through September 30.  Those that are running opposed will need to have a bio to be posted on the website, along with Executive officers will need a bio.

There must be a 30-day notice for elections.  Election will be held October 1st and will be held for 14 days.

Website Update – Doug Pilcher and Rich Whitlow

Doug and Rich have been corresponding with Dan Carroll in Australia.  Dan has taken over the score program.  He is currently writing a new website for IMAC Australia.  We had a meeting with him on Saturday and showed him what we have on the current website.  There will be another meeting on Wednesday evening with our current webmaster and Mike.  Doug will post an overview to the BOD after this meeting.

Dan Carroll has volunteered his services.  He says he will write the back-end free of charge.  Dan will write modules where someone can take over; he will not guarantee his time frame in helping us.  There will always be an open source provider.

The biggest question is what to do with the current website, until we get another website built.  Our current website is built around the .net, which is a dying entity.  Our current website has a deadline of March/April 2021.

Doug and Rich have a list together of the features we have now and the features we would like to have brought over to the new site.

Right now, we are at a stand-still until our current webmaster can speak with Dan Carroll.  We are just starting on the ground work.  Once we get everything together, we will get bids.  Just we need to remember, we have to teach them IMAC and the points system, before they can build something to handle our website needs.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

At the end of July, the General Operating account is as follows:

Checking              $  2,488.30

PayPal                  $37,178.07

Total                      $39,666.37

As of tonight, August 17, the General Operating account is as follows:

Checking              $  2,460.32

PayPal                  $37,632.23

Total                     $40,092.55

Regional Issues – All RDs

The NW region has a couple of contests happening.  The Canadian border is closed, but they are holding contests up there.  Clarks says that they might get 4 contests in the states and 4 contests in Canada.

The SW region has a contest in two weeks.

The NC region has their first contest at Toby’s house this weekend.  After that, there is going to be an end-of-year contest at Walter RC park in Michigan.  They are also working on another primer.

The SC region had one contest, August 8th, in Kansas.  Abilene is going up this weekend.  It will be pretty well attended.  Louisiana is still locked down.  There are 2 contests in September.  The year will finish in Sherman.  They will host RPS finish and regional awards.  The region should have 8 contests total.  Rich is getting a lot of good responses from sending emails to expiring members and welcome emails to new members.

The SE region has 2 more contests scheduled, one in Mocksville and Ocala.  They will be hosting regionals.  There will be 3 pretty good contests this year.

The Latin America region report was given by Oliver Soto.  Oliver said that online judging schools have been going well.  Oliver presented to the BOD some of the materials that they are presenting at the schools.  They have had support from Knife Edge Software to help with the presentations.  They have been focusing on Basic and Sportsman sequences for judging.  There is a precision camp next March, and so far there are 6 countries coming.

Michael Hobson said there was a contest at Queensland with about 22-23 pilots.  In the Southern States, they are in Stage 4 lock down, where you can’t leave your house.  The ASAA has pretty much gone into hibernation for this year; they have extended everyone’s membership for 12 months.  Australian pilots will be signed up next year for IMAC, when everything returns back to normal.  Michael is going to work on a judging video.

Michael wondered about the IMAC membership/affiliation fees on where we stand.  Michael will speak with Mike and Doug later.  He had some questions on some rules changes, specifically on centering.

Mike reported that the centering changes were dropped, due to a significant change in the sequences.  It was also believed it would be too hard to teach the pilots to judge centering maneuvers.  Michael believes that this would be a good thing to revisit and pursue.  Primo spoke with Ty about this topic and this would also correspond with ACS.  Ty believes the ACS isn’t being judged correctly.

The Czech Republic had a very good contest, with several pilots.  A lot of them were IMAC members.  The U.K. has had 2 contests.  There has been discussion for the Europeans; the facilities are in place and the funding.  Electronic scoring will be using.  They are using HI and Low Mac.  They are trying to get the younger kids/generation interested in coming to an IMAC contest.  It has 3 IMAC maneuvers and 3 3-D maneuvers.  It is restricted to 30 cc airplanes, electrics, and foamies.  Adi is working with Facebook and Instagram.

July Minutes – Samantha McKinney

The July BOD meeting minutes was sent to the BOD for approval.  Mike called for the vote.  Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 9:57 p.m. EST.