Present:   Mike Karnes, Samantha McKinney, Rich Whitlow, Alex Dreiling, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Brad Davy, and Manrico Mincuzzi

Absent:  Doug Pilcher, Phil Vance, Clark Hymas, Michael Hobson, and Jorge Guzman

Guest:  Adi Kochav and Oliver Soto

Meeting began at 9:02 p.m. EST.

August Minutes – Samantha McKinney

The minutes were sent out to the BOD and posted in the forum over the weekend.  Mike asked the BOD to review and to post their vote in the forums.

Nominations – Mike Karnes

Mike reiterated that we are in the middle of nomination of officers and RDs for elections.  The NE regional director has not had a nomination yet.  Brad has been working for several months to get some interest, but has not had any luck.

As of right now, everyone nominated is running unopposed, but there is 10 more days left for nominations to be made.

2021 Sequences – Mike Karnes

Mike emailed everyone the 2021 sequences.  The Sequence Committee revised the Advanced and Alternate Advanced sequence.  It had a footprint problem with the rolling turn.

Mike called for the vote on all sequences.  Motion passed unanimously.

IMAC Forms for 20201 – Mike Karnes

Mike sent the forms and rules that were used for 2020 to the BOD.  These need to be reviewed and approved in October’s meeting.  If there are any changes, please post on the BOD forum on the website and it can be discussed before next month.

Rich said that there are a couple of AMA references that are old and he will make changes and post on the forums.

Website Update – Rich Whitlow and Doug Pilcher

Rich, Mike, and Doug have been talking with Dan Carroll on the new website.  Mike has been looking at Word Press, but Dan has been pressing use to use Juma.  We would be able to get more work done quickly.

For the immediate future, we will be setting up a server a Doug’s business, Diamond Computers.   The goal is to have something that we can manage on our own.  They are meeting with Dan tomorrow evening.

They are leaning towards keeping the existing forums and can do a member transfer.  This will save us some migration.

Adi mentioned putting a translator on the new website.  Rich will put it on the list to speak to Dan about.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

No report given.

Regional Issues – All RDs

Primo asked about the 2022 Worlds and the qualification process.  Manrico informed the BOD that the World’s Committee is ready.  They have the electronic scoring system in place, so this will take an enormous load off the scoring team.

Also, Manrico informed the BOD that they have decided to move the 2022 Worlds to France.  The move was made because IMAC is not a recognized discipline by FAI.  If we were recognized, FAI would only recognize the Unlimited class.  Many of the local NAC (National Aero Clubs) are attached to FAI.  We must be recognized by FAI to get on the local area event calendar.

In France, they have found a site where there will be 4 runways going simultaneously.  Currently, there is an issue with the 4 runways at the Italy site.

The approval from the BOD was that the Worlds would be held in Italy.  Brad says that we cannot move the Worlds without the BOD’s approval.  Brad has asked why we have not been informed of anything that has been going on with the problems with the Worlds.

Mike asked Manrico to put something together and present to the BOD because everything has changed.  We are going to have a special meeting to discuss the Worlds.  The BOD can decided whether it is going to happen or not.  Manrico will have something together by the end of the week.  Mike will give the BOD a week notice before this special meeting.

Primo’s question was if each region would have qualifications for their members to go.  Mike said that will be discussed later, once this issue is discussed.

The SE region has had 3 new basic guys become IMAC members.  They had a great contest at Mocksville.  Primo said there is one more contest in Ocala.  Things are going good for the regional contest and are open to everyone.  There could be 5 basic pilots from the local club that is hosting the event.

Brad reported the NE region has had much of their normal contests.  Attendance hasn’t been real good.  The final regional contest is the first weekend in October, which currently has around 15 pilots registered.

Rich has had 2 contests in the last 2 weeks.  There was great attendance for both contests.  Rich said they will have limited awards, because it wasn’t taken real well not to have awards for the pilots who have been attending.  Rich is working with Amanda to get the judging schools and contests scheduled for next year.

They will be holding the International Judging School online this year.  Primo is still holding on a venue.  Mike asked to hold it until he speaks with everyone.

The SW region just had a contest in Northern Arizona with good attendance.  A rescheduled contest will be held in October with 41 pilots.  Alex said after that, they have 3 more contests, and they start again in January.

The NC region just had the first contest of the year at Toby’s.  There were 14 pilots.  They have a set of rules with Covid restrictions.  Regionals are in 2 weeks and that will be the second contest of the year.

Oliver Soto presented the report for the Latin American region.  They are limited right now due to the quarantines.  They had a successful online judging schools.  The region is currently quiet.  There are contests in September and October in Mexico; it will be limited to 18-20 pilots.  They will also be having precision camps.  Mike enjoyed sitting in on his judging school the other day.

Manrico reported on the European region.  One of the contests, they were expecting several pilots from different countries.  The pilots are concerned about traveling due to the Covid.  The U.K has announced a second lockdown.  Covid has not gone away as we had hoped.  It will affect the Europeans next year if this does not pass.  The region is in a very unstable situation due to Covid.

Toby and some members of the NC region has created a 3-page document for guidelines on holding a contest during the pandemic.  This criterion was used at Toby’s contest.  They published this to the region and knew what to expect.  The pilots also understood that they were keeping the event as safe as possible to all participants and staff.  Toby said he would be glad to share this with the BOD.

Adi believes that we should stay driven towards the 2021 season.

Meeting adjourned 10:16 p.m. EST.