Present:  Mike Karnes, Doug Pilcher, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Toby Silhavy, Rich Whitlow, Brad Davy, Manrico Mincuzzi, Michael Hobson, and Primo Rivera

Absent: Alex Dreiling and Jorge Guzman

Guest: Adi Kochav and Oliver Soto

Meeting began at 9:02 p.m. EST.

September Minutes – Samantha McKinney

Rich recommended some changes to the minutes.  There were no other changes recommended.  Samantha will make the changes and email the minutes back out to the BOD for approval.

Email Blast of Worlds Postponement Letter – Mike Karnes

Mike emailed everyone the Worlds postponement letter that will be sent to the membership.  Brad recommends a minor modification, in the 3rd-4th paragraph to the first person and to take out the personal note since this is a letter from the entire BOD.  Everyone else is good with the changes.  Doug will make changes and let the webmaster mass email to the membership.  We are also posting in the member’s area.  It was recommended to get it out to everywhere anyone might look, including on the Worlds website.

Election of Officers – Mike Karnes

No one ran opposed.  All the new BOD members will take over in January.  Mike is asking that all the new BOD members listen in on the meetings in November and December.  Doug is to go ahead and get their permissions set to catch up on things in the BOD forums.  The new BOD members are not allowed to vote or post anything in the BOD forums until January 1, 2021.  The outgoing BOD members need to get with the new BOD members and help them with the transition.

Changes to the IMAC Forms in 2021 – Mike Karnes

The AMA hyperlink references were fixed by Doug on the forms.  The effective dates were also changed in the foot notes.

There were no other changes on the forms.  There were no objections to the updated forms.

Website Update – Mike Karnes

Mike and Doug shared the  new look of the website that Dan Carroll has been creating.  They are trying to work and make it look like the old one.  There are a few changes on the home page.  They are working on a centralized new page, “What’s New.”  Roy is going to export a user name and password, which Dan will be able to import.  People should not have to create new accounts or passwords.

Dan has already started on the functionality of the importing of scores, contests, etc.

Toby has asked if anyone is good at app development.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

There was an issue with Vbulletin where they pulled fees out in U.K; instead of U.S. Dollars.  This issue has been corrected and a refund of extra monies taken.

As of tonight, General Operating account is as follows:

Checking           $  3,145.78

PayPal                $40,231.28

Total                   $43,377.06

Phil will send out regional funds so the retiring RDs can send it to the incoming RDs.

Phil will remain as the registered agent, for the IMAC corporation.

Regional Issues – All RDs

The North East region has their regional finals in the books and the scores are posted.

The South East region just had their last regular contest in Ocala.  There were a few minor issues with the scores.  Primo is waiting on the score sheets to verify and make the necessary changes.  Their regional finals is in a few weeks.

The North Central region just got done with regionals a few weeks ago.  There were 11 pilots at the contest, but not real good weather.  The contest was held in one day, with 3 knowns and 1 unknown.  Toby is making a push in the region for the NATs.  He would like to have the biggest North Central region has had for a long time.

AMA has contacted Doug and they are inviting us to the NATs organizational meeting on November 10th.

The South Central region had a contest last weekend and they had a great time.  There was only one round flown due to the weather.

The Asia-Pacific region is going pretty good.  Michael reported that there is a couple of places in lockdown.  There might be 1 or 2 more competitions.  They have signed up 30-35 people in IMAC within the last few months.  They are working on getting more people for the judging schools.

The Latin American region report was given by Oliver Soto.  They are currently having a peak of Covid-19.  The International Camp will be pushed back a few months, along with the Pan-America Cup.

The European region isn’t looking good.  The U.K. and France is about to call for another lockdown.  Italy is starting to close again.  This will have a major impact on local organizations.

Adi is scheduling a championship for November.  He has been speaking to the ministry about making a  special legal certificate to recognize modeling as a sport in Israel.  This will allow pilots to make the contests and allow practice and flying at airfields.

Adi is working with the M&M committee.  He is working with Instagram, Facebook, and You Tube channel for all IMAC regions to post things from all over the world.  He must be careful with the media content.

Meeting adjourned 10:33 p.m. EST.