Present:  Mike Karnes, Doug Pilcher, Phil Vance, Samantha McKinney, Alex Dreiling, Toby Silhavy, Rich Whitlow, Oliver Soto, Michael Hobson, and Brad Davy

Absent:  Primo Rivera, Clark Hymas, and Manrico Mincuzzi

Guests:  Adi Kochav, Amanda Darling, Jim McCall, Dave Dupre, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, and Gale Vasquez

Meeting began 9:03 p.m. EST.

October BOD Meeting Minutes – Samantha McKinney

Samantha has emailed the October 2020 BOD Meeting minutes to the BOD.  The BOD approved and Samantha will publish them to the website.

IJS 2021 Update – Alex Dreiling/Primo Rivera

Doug, Primo, and Alex are going to get together on December 5th to discuss IJS.  Primo is working on the flyer, with Bill Daniels help.  Bill is a new ARD for Florida.

Before the event, they are going to try the Go-To-Meeting software to make sure it can host around 50 people.  The plan is not to have a full school; mainly just focusing on what would be the Friday portion for the teachers.  They have a list of instructors that have volunteered.

Michael asked what the time frame is for the International region can plan according.  These details have not been discussed yet, but Doug mentioned possibly having 2 schools to be able to accommodate the International region.  Michael suggested using the same instructors for both schools to keep it consistent.  Michael has a list of suggestions and will get them to Doug and Alex.

NATs Update – Rich Whitlow

The current date for the 2021 NATs is June 16th-19th.  One of the concerns is that in some regions the students won’t be out of school yet.  The NW region isn’t out until the middle of June.  The NATs meeting is pushed to tomorrow night.  As of right now, Rich doesn’t know if he can commit to be director for the 2021 NATs.  Doug will post an update about the NATs to the BOD forum.

BOD Migration of Duties/Training – Doug Pilcher

Doug reminded the outgoing BOD to get with the incoming BOD to get them familiarized with their new positions.

Doug asked the outgoing and incoming BOD about getting members for the Sequence Committee.

Website Update – Doug Pilcher

The website is currently on hold.  Dan has been focusing on working on the back end of the website.

Rich recommended that we make a contract with Diamond Computers and set a fee for the equipment that IMAC will be using for the website.  Doug said that he is not looking to make money.  He has ordered 2 extra servers for the IMAC website.  Doug thinks we need to get a comparative rate commercially.

Currently, our current webmaster still has physical control of the website and server.  When its migrated, it will be moved to Diamond Computers.  The dns will get changed from North Carolina to Texas, which happens in a matter of minutes.  Doug will do the hardware maintenance and any server and band width maintenance.

Dan will be the new webmaster.  He has made it clear that his life might change and we need to look for other people capable of website development, which is why the new website will be open-source software.

Swag Store – Doug Pilcher

Doug will be speaking with the RDs to get them their region’s merchandise from the Swag Store to be sold locally.  An inventory of each region will be kept on a spreadsheet.  Doug would like to get all the inventory sold and shut the swag store down.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

The balances in the General Operating account as to tonight, November 16, 2020

Checking          $   1,637.32

PayPal               $ 41,450.18

Total                  $ 43,087.50

Mike asked if we have too much money in our PayPal account.  Phil is not sure what the limit is. 

Regional Issues – All RDs

There isn’t much going on in the NE region.  Brad is waiting to turn it over to Dave and work on next year’s schedule.

Samantha read Primo’s update to the BOD.  The regional championship was an amazing event; lots of wind, great flying, and the club treated us like royalty.  They did get 4 new members.  They are also doing an IMAC demo this coming weekend.

The NC region is pretty well worked out for 2021.  Toby said that they were waiting to see when the NATs were scheduled.  They have come up with a contest packet that will be sent to each contest director ahead of their contest.

The SC region had a great regional final.  They did give out some awards for regionals points.  Rich and Amanda go a quick jump on the 2021 schedule, with 4 contests that aren’t scheduled.  The incoming RD, Amanda, is very energetic and has the judging school booked.  They are thinking about having aerobatic fun days again to let them experience both disciplines.

The NW region report was given by Gale Vasquez.  There was a couple of contests this season with 6-8 pilots due to Covid-19.  The Canadians held a couple of contests.  The borders are closed at least till January.  There were no regional finals or trophies. 

The SW region has their regional finals this weekend.  There is currently 35-40 pilots signed up.  The pilots are social distancing and moral is pretty high right now.

The Latin American region report was given by Oliver Soto.  Jorge and Adi are working on mass registrations.  There are 2 contests coming up, Santiago, Chile and one in Mexico.  They are working on the judging schools.  The camps are being pushed back a couple of months.

The Asia Pacific regions is doing pretty good.  Michael reported that Australia is doing well.  Their year is finished.  There won’t be much activity until January.  The ASAA should be putting out their calendar within the next few weeks.  There are 20-25 events across the country.  Michael is encouraging everyone to work on the judging.  The government has shut the borders down in some states.

The European region report was given by Adi Kochav.  There is a big situation with Covid-19 in Europe.  Italy, France, Switzerland, and England have shut down.  There won’t be contests for the next month or two.  Israel did have their nationals and there were 18 pilots, with 3 novice.  It was a very good turnout.  They got very good feedback from all the parent and kids.  Next year, it will be an international contest.  They have already spoken to several in different cities to use their facilities.

Meeting adjourned 10:19 p.m. EST.