Present:  Mike Karnes, Doug Pilcher, Samantha McKinney, Phil Vance, Toby Silhavy, Adi Kochav, Primo Rivera, Alex Dreiling, Rich Whitlow, and Brad Davy

Absent:  Clark Hymas

Meeting began at 9:01 p.m. EST.

Amendments to the By-Laws – Brad Davy

Brad informed the BOD that we didn’t get a lot of replies on the forums on the amendments to the By-Laws, but the ones we did receive were positive.  Brad is going to take a second look to make sure that the specific wording is included that needs to be changed.  He believes that it is straight forward.

There are a few members that are concerned about the BOD having the authority to establish the affiliate membership, costs, standards, etc.

Brad will finalize the amendment after taking a second look and post into the BOD forum.  He will post a motion with the specific wording.  These amendments will be in 2 separate By-Law changes.  There will need to be a 2/3 vote from the BOD.

International Split and the Website – Doug Pilcher

Brad and Doug has been working on the email blast that will be sent to the membership to announce the security and maintenance issues with the forums.  We are currently exploring new forum software.  While doing this, we need to ask the membership what issues we have with the current forums and what we can do to improve them.  The email blast will also refer to the possibility of a new website.  Doug has sent Brad a draft of this email to review.

Doug would like to send the email blast within the next few days, due to several members of the BOD referring to this in our newsletter articles.  The newsletter is complete and ready for release to the membership.  Toby suggested that we include what improvements we are going to have, such as, uploading pictures, links to You Tube videos, etc.

On the website, Adi suggested that we revise the region pages, the three new regions need to be listed separate, instead of under International.

Board Selection of International RD’s – Adi Kochav

Adi presented his choices for the new RDs to the BOD:  Asia-Pacific – Michael Hobson from Australia; Latin-America – Jorge Guzman from Mexico; and Europe – Manrico Mincuzzi.  Adi has spoken with these individuals and they are ready to fill the position.

The motion was made to accept Michael Hobson, Jorge Guzman, and Manrico Mincuzzi to fill these positions by Adi Kochav and seconded by Rich Whitlow.  Motion passed unanimously.  The positions are to take effect immediately.

Brad wondered the issues with the website will interfere with the elections for the International regions.  The nominated individuals need to have their membership verified.  We have 60 days to hold the election, if the regions make nominations.

With the 3 new international regions, this removes Adi from the International region RD.  Mike appointed Adi Kochav as his International Liasion to the BOD effective immediately.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

At the end of August, the balance in the General Operating account is as follows:

Checking        $13,327.14

PayPal             $19,248.65

Total                $32,575.79

As of tonight, the balance in the General Operating account is as follows:

Checking        $13,085.02

PayPal             $19,710.53

Total                $32,795.55

The banner that was shipped to Rich for the Clover Creek Invitational was lost in the mail and Mike will be filing a claim.

We have received our monies from the NATs in the amount of $995.  We received $1,150 but subtracted the amount for the team shirts.

Phil will finished the financials for the NATs now that we received the check.

Phil will send the region reports to the RDs.

Regional Issues – All RDs

Alex reported that the SW region has a contest in Vegas this coming weekend.  The Tucson Shootout is in October and the regional finals are in the middle of November.  They have already signed up several contests in 2020.

The NC region just had their regional finals last weekend.  Toby reported that they went well and was greatly supported.  Toby took over the contest about three weeks before it was to be held, so he didn’t have a lot of preparation time.  Currently, all the CDs are on the same page.  Toby is going to begin an email thread with them.  He wants all the contests for 2020 to be posted on the website by November 1st.  Toby will be starting to post videos on You Tube to promote our sport and the NC region family.

The SC region is getting busy.  The Sherman contest is getting big buzz and expecting the largest crowd of the year.  The region lost a contest in Kansas.  The regional finals are the first weekend in November.  Rich would like to have a banner to take out to the Tucson Shootout.  They had a couple of guys from Oklahoma try the Novice class, and within the first round they wanted to fly both days.  They have had a new member join the region and all the members are excited to meet him.  The newsletter is ready to be published.

Brad reported that the NE region is 12 days from their regional finals.  He is working on the contests for 2020.

Primo reported the SE region has 3 more contests before their regional finals.  Primo is working on the invitations.  Things are going well in the region.  He is already speaking with Gil Major on the judging schools for 2020.

Adi says that they have been busy working on the 2020 Europeans.  They currently have 110 pilots registered.  they would like to have Ty and/or someone else to come over and host a judging school.  Manrico will discuss more at the next BOD meeting.

FAI has dismissed F3M.  All the F3M countries will now be adding IMAC to their brochures.

Adi suggested that we put the Contest Guidelines in a place on the website where it can be easily accessible.

Adi thanked everyone again for the President’s Award.  Samantha and Rich presented to Adi at the Clover Creek Invitational.

The next National Judging School will be in 2021.

Meeting adjourned 10:14 p.m. EST.