Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday August 16th, 2021

Attendees: Doug Pilcher, Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Dave Dupre, Toby Silhavy, Manrico Mincuzzi, Jacques Telles, Adi Kochav, Oliver Soto, Brian Webb

Absent : Amanda Darling, Primo Rivera

1. Brian Webb was introduced as the new regional director for the Northwest region

2. Lifetime membership rollout

a. Regional Directors will certify that members have been in good standing if they wish to purchase a membership after 5 years of membership. Doug will discuss with Roy how to distinguish paid lifetime memberships from honorary lifetime memberships.

b. This will be rolled out to the membership via email in the next week or so.

c. We will discuss also with Roy about the possibility of prefixing Honorary Life Members with an HL. Paid Life members would be prefixed with L.

3. BOD members were instructed on how to subscribe to All relevant Forum topics for their region and the BOD forum.

4. 2022 Knowns discussion

Basic was approved previously.

Discussion was held on the Sportsman sequence, and it was approved by the BOD.

A suggestion was made to provide the name for each maneuver as part of the sequence.

5. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

25 June Checking Balance – $37625.03

25 June PayPal Balance - $8291.85

Total assets - $45,916.88

6. Regional Reports

NE – 1 contest since last meeting, working with the ARDs to plan the regional championship

SE – The Southeast is good, we have a IMAC clinic in a week or so two more regular contest and Regionals.

NC – The North Central is fast approaching the last quarter of our season. We are across the board seeing an influx of new pilots either in basic or novice (mostly basic) in all contests. We are also seeing previous IMAC members rejoining our fun. Unfortunately, so far, it’s been impossible for us to negotiate boarders between Canada and the USA; thus, no influx (and vice versa) of our Canadian brothers at contests. With that being said had we had them our attendance this year would be phenomenal. To me this is a big win. Hopefully we will be able to have our Canadian brothers by the time regionals are around. We should be able to test the new electronic scoring system at the Galveston contest side by side with the traditional system. Hope to see everyone there

NW – 2 contests 2 in Idaho and one in Canada. Scores from both have been entered. Working on regional trophies.

EU – Very little action due to covid.

SC – Mississippi went well and so did Houston. Amanda was able to email her report.

SW – Last 4 competitions before regionals are coming up. Trying to increase California participation. Trophies have been ordered.

AP – Competitions are happening even through covid outbreaks, Government restrictions are causing scheduling difficulty.

LA – New lockdowns are preventing competitions. Mexico had a good turnout and is seeing a rise in Basic pilots.