Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday Dec 18, 2023

Attendees: Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Tim Cooper, Kim Quenette, Primo Rivera

Absent: Michael Hobson, Jamie Hicks, Oliver Soto, Manrico Mincuzzi, Dave Dupre, Tim Hughes, Adi Kochav,


  1. Sound Issue –Rick We are working with AMA to refine our sound score changes.
  2. Contests at Non-FRIA Sites – Alex Process TBD with FAA. RID would be required.
  3. Local Judging Seminars 2024 – Primo We need to re–reestablish local in person judging schools. CDs are being asked to let us know what their major issues were in 2023 so we can tailor our schools better. We are trying to get more electronic scoring boxes for more widespread usage.
  4. Freestyle Suggestions for 2024 – Alex A proposal has been introduced to allow each region to have a year end prize. We will discuss this in January when we go over the budget. We are looking at various prize options.
  5. IRPS – Kim A maximum of 4 contests may be used towards IRPS calculations prior to the regional finals in each region. The pilot must attend the regional finals to be in the placement for IRPS. Motioned Carried.
  6. 2024 Sequence Call Sheets – Michael will have them prior to January meeting.
  7. EMAC Series in Japan –Japan is working on an electric series. All that is required is a deviation of contest standards 30 days in advance.
  8. General Business – NA
  1. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

November Checking Balance – $52,733.58

November PayPal Balance - $  445.98

Total assets -            $53,179.56

Regional Reports

NE – No Report

SE – 11 contests for 2024 set up. We are working to resolve the issues in Ocala. In person Judging school is setup. 30 Pilots attended Regionals.

NC – No Report

NW – Working on a date for in person judging school. 16-17 Mar is proposed.

EU – No Report

SC – No Report

SW- Contests are shaping up for 2024. Tune up in January 20 in Lake Havasu.

AP – No Report

LA – 2024 is starting strong.

We have plenty of contests ready to be scheduled.

In our countries IMAC is already a known topic, and we're creating links with other competition leagues all over LATAM in order to place IMAC in an even stronger position.

We strive to rise the number of registered IMAC members.

We're working full steam ahead to create ways to have people interested in our league just like LATAM Starters keeps doing