Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday Jan 15, 2023

Attendees: Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Kim Quenette, Primo Rivera, Michael Hobson, Jamie Hicks, Oliver Soto, Manrico Mincuzzi, Tim Hughes, Adi Kochav,

Absent: Dave Dupre, Tim Cooper,


  1. Sound Issue –Rick We are working with AMA to refine our sound score changes. Rick will call the chairoman of the committee for an update.
  2. Electronic Scoring – Good Progress has been made on moving forward. Paper backups will still be used.
  3. ISC Committee – Looking for Advanced and Unlimited members to help out.
  4. Budget for 2024 -Approved as submitted
  5. Canadian situation – Discussion of how to assist Canada within their restrictions. Tabled pending more discussion with Western Canada.
  6. FAI/AMA/IMAC – Tabled until we have a better plan of action.
  7. IRPS US – Region Directors will have the final say on IRPS and how it is awarded by region.
  8. Contests at Non-FRIA Sites – Alex Process TBD with FAA. RID would be required.
  9. Regional Freestyle Prizes – Extreme flight will help out the regions with prizes for freestyle.
  10. Argentina – A new region has been created in Argentina.
  11. Regional Director discretion on Sequences. – Voted to allow RD’s discretion to change sequences if the environment dictates it.
  12. General Business – NA
  1. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

January Checking Balance – $52,733.58

January PayPal Balance - $  445.98

Total assets -            $53,179.56

Regional Reports

NE – No Report


NC – We are done with the schedule. Should be posting it in a couple of weeks just to make sure not last minute submissions are missed.

NW – Working on a date for in person judging school. 16-17 Mar is proposed.

EU – No Report

SC – No Report

SW- Contests are shaping up for 2024. Tune up in January 20 in Lake Havasu.

AP – No Report