Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes
Monday Jun 19, 2023
Attendees: Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Dave Dupre, Primo Rivera, Kevin
Garland, Tim Cooper, Oliver Soto, Adi Kochav, Michael Hobson, Jamie Hicks, Tim Hughes
Absent: Manrico Mincuzzi
Guest: Dan Carroll
1. Website Update – We have just published a large update to the website. Unknown Manager is
now active. Region pages now link directly to events. Score files are now downloadable from the
event page. Flyers are now able to upload. Dan is now working on the results upload. Members
can now see their IMAC number in their profile on the website.
2. Feedback from Southeast Contest on Electronic Scoring Beta – Units worked flawlessly with no
complaints from the judges. Functionality and speed was excellent. Time saved entering scores
is vastly reduced. Judges are still required to use paper backups.
3. NE Region – Fields are being lost due to noise and encroachment. How can we bring in new
pilots? New pilots have joined but aren’t willing to travel to other contests.
4. US Nat’s – Alex has been talking to HQ in Muncie, around 42 Pilots have signed up so far. Kevin
Garland will be helping with sponsorships. Pilots from all regions are signing up. Pilot cups have
been delivered to AMA site in Muncie. Primo reports, he and Tony Stillman are working on
contacting all the registered food trucks now and finding out those that are interested in
working with us at the NATS. We will send out an email to local clubs within 100 miles of
Muncie to see if they will help with practice sites for IMAC. We will be buying a brick for Ben
5. RFA 2023-002- Introduced for Board approval. A lot of good discussion was had, and the motion
was sent back to the committee for further modification.
6. IMAC Israel Report from Adi – IDO Segev Cup 2023. Very successful event with thousands of
spectators. Pilots from all over the world came and used the 3 airplanes purchased especially for
the event. IMAC is the leading discipline in Israel for RC Aircraft.
7. General Business – None
8. Treasurer’s report
Cash on hand
June Checking Balance – $54,664.00
June PayPal Balance - $ 2,725.83
Total assets - $57,389.83
Regional Reports
NE – Fields are being lost due to encroachment. We are having smaller turnouts, but we are keeping
interest up as much as possible. State College may need to be cancelled. Maine contest next month.
SE – 3 brand new contests this year. Averaging 15-17 pilots per contest. Electronic Scoring is working
NC –
NW – 3 Contests so far, we have another coming up this week in Othello. Turnout has been light so far.
EU – Europeans in August. Next contest is in July. Judging schools are being held. Spain is starting to fly
SC –
SW- 1 Contest in California. All is going well.
AP –
LA – Opened 2 new regions this year. Judging clinics are being held. Many contests are being held in the
continent. Membership is increasing and more pilots are competing.