Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday May 15, 2023

Attendees: Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Dave Dupre, Primo Rivera, Manrico Mincuzzi, Kevin Garland, Tim Cooper, Oliver Soto

Absent: Adi Kochav, Michael Hobson, Jamie Hicks, Tim Hughes

Guest: Dan Carroll

  1. Website Update – We have just published a large update to the website. Unknown Manager is now active. Region pages now link directly to events. Score files are now downloadable from the event page. Flyers are now able to upload. Dan is working on the next update that will include the score file upload and tabulation for IRPS projected time of completion for IRPS update is June.
  2. Safety/Emergency Contacts – We need to be conscious of our emergency contacts when we are at a contest or flying in general. Should the RD’s keep such a list? Can we send an email to the members asking for their emergency contact to be updated? JT to draft a letter to be put in the newsletter for members to verify their profiles.
  3. Contest Standards – Sometimes a lack of available pilots presents an issue where we may not have enough qualified judges. We may need to be creative when this situation occurs at the smaller contests.
  4. Ido Segev Cup – This was a very successful event and can set the standard for future events to attract younger pilots. Freestyle can be the entrée into IMAC. Manrico is asking for an exception to host another event like this in Europe. Motion was made to allow Manrico to host this event in August 2024. Motion passed.
  5. US Nat’s – Alex has been talking to HQ in Muncie, around 20 Pilots have signed up so far. Kevin Garland will be helping with sponsorships. Pilots from all regions are signing up. SWAG will be available for all registered pilots. Primo Reports, he and Tony Stillman are working on contacting all the registered food trucks now and finding out those that are interested in working with us at the NATS.  We will send out an email to local clubs within 100 miles of Muncie to see if they will help with practice sites for IMAC.
  6. General Business – None
  1. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

May Checking Balance – $48, 194.12

May PayPal Balance -      $ 8,775.32

Total assets -      $56,969.44

Regional Reports

NE – Fields are being lost due to encroachment. We are having smaller turnouts, but we are keeping interest up as much as possible.

SE – A lot of contests are coming up, NATS is a big push this year. Freestyle is a big draw at contests. 2 new contests this year. Regionals will be a big event this year.


NW – 2 Contests so far, we have another coming up this week in Boise. Turnout has been light so far. We expect things to move along well as the season progresses.

EU – We will have 125 pilots in Poland. We have good turnouts at our contests. War is having an influence. IMAC is going well.


SW- Combined event in El Paso was a big success. Events are coming up in California and a lot of folks are going to NATS.


LA – Argentina is experiencing inflationary pressure. But we still see good numbers for contests. Two Contests coming in Mexico. Chile had their first national competition.