Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday April 17, 2023

Attendees: Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Oliver Soto, Rick Crow, Tim Hughes, Kevin Garland, Tim Cooper

Absent: Manrico Mincuzzi, Adi Kochav, Michael Hobson, Dave Dupre, Primo Rivera, Jamie Hicks

Guest: Dan Carroll

  1. Website Update – Dan is running behind at this time. His real job is tsking precedence. We are looking at obtaining outside assistance. Motion to allocate $2500 to obtain outside assistance for website development. Motion passed.
  2. Electronic Scoring update – We are looking at a new architecture for 2024. The Scoring Team is working with a new resource to make this better for the organization.
  3. Canadian Update – As of this time they are unable to have contests until this is resolved.
  4. US Nat’s – Kevin Garland will be helping with sponsorships. Pilots from all regions are signing up. SWAG will be available for all registered pilots. Primo Reports he and Tony Stillman are working on contacting all the registered food trucks now and finding out those that are interested in working with us at the Nats.  Also: we will send out an email to local clubs within 100 miles of Muncie to see if they will help with practice sites for IMAC. I am still working on sponsors for the NATS.
  5. General Business – Can we do RPS for freestyle within our own regions? Yes, on a region by region basis.
  1. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

March Checking Balance – $48, 194.12

March PayPal Balance -      $ 7, 812.68

Total assets -            $55, 961.80

Regional Reports




NW – 9 Pilots for the weekend and next contest is in 2 weeks. All is well.


SC –All contests are now open for registration. One contest had to be cancelled. Next contest is in El Paso with 14 Pilots. 6 or 7 pilots are talking about going to the NATS.

SW- 2 contests have been held with the next one in Utah and then the event in May in El Paso, TX with SC.

AP – Some of you will have seen a reasonably active discussion on the IMAC Australia FB page regarding the scale rule and requirement that out models be replicas of IAC competition aircraft.  I think this discussion has revealed some flaws in the updated wording that was recently adopted.  I will come back to the BOD shortly with some alternative wording that I think will achieve what we were trying to achieve but there is no particular urgency to address this.

LA – Region is waking up. Mexico is opening up. Many new pilots in Mexico. 3 contests will be held in the next month in different countries.