Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday March 20, 2023

Attendees: Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Michael Hobson, Oliver Soto, Rick Crow, Dave Dupre, Tim Hughes, Kevin Garland, Tim Cooper, Adi Kochav

Absent: Manrico Mincuzzi

Guest: Dan Carroll

  1. Website Update – Progress is being made on the website. Events page update will be Dan has some assistance with the website as well.
  2. Website functionality and Regional Director Duties – Keep all score files in Dropbox for now. This will allow Dan to have access to those results. Regional Directors need to send the zipped score files for your contests to Alex. Please create articles for your regions.
  3. Rules change – We have received a proposal to change rule 6 on Scale Aircraft. Michael Hobson asked what problem we are trying to solve. Primo feels there is historical data to drive the direction and decision of changing rule 6 and wants time to resurrect the historical notes. This was tabled for this meeting and the rules committee will take this up.
  4. US Nat’s – Good attendance so far and electronic scoring will be used. Banquet is set up already. Primo is looking at food during the event. Breakfast may be in the works also. Please plan on attending. SWAG is being worked on as well.
  5. Flight Data Recorders – This is becoming popular with many pilots. The intent of the FLIGHTLOGGER is to provide static flight data AFTER the pilot lands, pulls the SD card loads the data into the PLOTTER. Kevin Garland indicated this device can be plugged into the receiver to ENHANCE and/or CONTROL the flight real time. Rules specifically prohibit FLIGHT ENHANCING devices in IMAC airplanes during a competition. With increased popularity of the FLIGHT LOGGER device we will need to develop a response. 
  6. Non-Profit Status – We are incorporated in North Carolina; The Officers have been updated in North Carolina. We have also updated the Bank of America account as well with the new officers. We can now register for non-profit status with Microsoft.
  7. General Business – El Paso contest May 6, 2023. This is a combined event between the South Central and Southwest regions. Would like to get pilots from LA region as well if possible.
  1. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

February Checking Balance – $50,492.20

February PayPal Balance -      $ 6,233.24

Total assets -            $56, 725.48

Regional Reports

NE – 10 Contests are scheduled, Canada is problematic at this time due to Transport Canada. First contest is in May.

SE – 2 Contest have had 21 pilots each. New pilots are showing up. In person judging school will be held this year.

NC – Intro to IMAC Webinar was held 2 weeks ago. No contests until June. We have a judging webinar in April.

NW – First Contest coming up in April, Judging school has been held with a wide variety of presenters.

EU – Europeans are moving along with 128 pilots registered. Support in place for this as well. Looking for more judges in order to make this work. IMAC Hungary is growing.

SC –Judging school has been scheduled for online with 18 folks showing up. First contest was held already with good attendance.

SW- Weather has cancelled 2 contests so far this season, this weekend we will have the Tucson IMAC contest.

AP – No report

LA – First contest was held in the new Mexico region. Good turnout for this contest. This is causing more pilots to be interested. Judging Clinic was held to help understand how to judge maneuvers.