Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday February 20, 2023

Attendees: Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Michael Hobson, Oliver Soto, Rick Crow, Tim Hughes, Tim Cooper, Adi Kochav

Absent: Primo Rivera, Dave Dupre, Kevin Garland

Guest: Jamie Hicks

  1. Website Update – Events will be updated within a week. Several new updates will be forthcoming. RD’s will still be required to enter all contests.
  2. NC Regional Director – Toby has resigned with immediate effect. Jamie Hicks was recommended and approved by the BOD for the interim 60 Day period starting 2/20/2023. Motion was made and seconded. All approved.
  3. Electronic Scoring liaison – Toby will take that position effective immediately.
  4. RFA 2023-001 – This RFA was approved to remove language that allowed for ambiguity in the type of aircraft allowed in IMAC.
  5. USA NATS 2023 –They will be held 28-31 July 2023 A large quantity of SW pilots are going to Muncie for this event. Regional directors for all US regions have been advised to start promoting and get their pilots to the USA NATS.
  6. 2026 Worlds discussion – Manrico put forth an idea to have the competition consist of only unlimited pilots. The cost of these events may be prohibitive (Shipping, Travel etc.)

The BOD tabled this discussion for more details.

  1. Non-Profit Status – We are incorporated in North Carolina as a non- profit. Jim will contact them to update the registered officers.
  2. General Business - None
  1. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

January Checking Balance – $50,469.85

January PayPal Balance -      $ 5,768.76

Total assets -            $58, 236.61




Regional Reports

NE – Working on schedule with the first contest in May. Losing sites where contests were held in the past. Working to sign up new venues.

SE – No Report

NC – Schedule has 17 flying events with some in Canada. In person Judging school at Muncie.  

NW – Judging School has been scheduled. New interest from Canada and Idaho. Contests are scheduled and folks are registering.

EU – Europeans are moving along with 114 pilots registered. Support in place for this as well. Euro Cup is moving along with 6 contests so far.

SC –Judging school has been scheduled for online to increase participation. First contest will be in 2 weeks. Growth is happening.

SW- 28 Pilots for the season  opener.

AP – IMAC season underway with first competition of the year underway. Some contests have had restricted entry due to site restrictions. Speaking with the Japanese to try to engage them as well as New Zealand.

LA – First contest was held in a new Mexico region. Columbia had their first contest with 16 pilots.