Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday June 21, 2022

Attendees: Doug Pilcher, Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Adi Kochav,

Brian Webb, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Michael Hobson. Oliver Soto, Amanda Darling, Dave Dupre

Absent: Manrico Mincuzzi, Michael Hobson

Due to very little on agenda it was determined that meeting could be held via email thread to accomplish this month’s meeting.

1. 2023 IJS – We will do another year of Virtual IJS for 2023. This will allow all who wish to attend to have ability to attend.

2. 2022 Nats - Amanda Darling Looks like it will be a great year!!!! NATS is approaching this coming weekend with 16 pilots. We have 12 sponsors this year and AJ Aircraft has helped make this great with a 92” Raven. We will be having an hour firework show and dinner will be provided by Fishers Meat Market. Wow so thankful for all the sponsors who have donated to make this amazing. My team is ready, and we have everything ready to go!!! I will be leaving Saturday and will be posting live videos daily. 

3. Website – Dave Dupre has the source code and is working on the solution which would allow us to use a different content manager. This is a work in progress and will complete by November.

4. General Discussion – None Offered.

5. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

June Checking Balance – $31,345.01

May PayPal Balance - $26,130.79

Total assets - $57,480.60

7. Regional Reports

NE – NE is doing OK. Our numbers are way down at the last 3 contests. Most likely due to high travel costs. Instead of our usual 12+, we’re getting 7-9. Our State College contest ended up being cancelled when the pilot list dwindled to 2. Canada held a contest this past weekend, and it was well attended. They have 2 more in the coming weeks, and they have healthy signup lists. Less travel in that area, so that could be part of it. Still, it’s awesome to see Canada back at it. They haven’t been able to do much for a while. Looks like 1 or 2 will be making their way down to ME in July. I’m looking forward to seeing them.

SE – 5 contests done so far this year 12-18 pilots at each so far with 2 more contests possibly being added.

NC –North Central report-The NCFR is getting ready to go into full drive with the Nats in our backyard. Following NATS we have Saranac, NOIC, then Mid-Michigan. I know gas is high but if you can make it to a contest, it is much appreciated!!!!

NW – We have had a busy month in the Northwest.  We had contests at Calgary Canada, Eagle Point Oregon, Creston Canada, and Othello Washington. Thanks to everyone that has come out to compete.

EU – None Submitted by Manrico:

SC – South Central is doing good the gas prices are keeping our numbers down but still getting out there and flying. We have welcomed several new pilots from the Southwest and glad to have them as part of our family. 

SW- Southwest Region -it's too hot to have contests in the Southern end of the region. Gas prices continue to rise, and I suspect this will impact the early fall contests. Potentially looking at another Bakersfield contest in Sept but the CD hasn’t moved on submitting the contest so it can be approved. 

AP – None Submitted by Michael:

LA – LA is not very active other than the Mexican league and a contest Chile had almost two months ago. We had a brief approach from people in Guatemala, but no other movements so far. I have concerns about things over here in the IMAC arena.