Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday July 18, 2022

Attendees: Doug Pilcher, Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Adi Kochav,

Brian Webb, Toby Silhavy, Michael Hobson. Oliver Soto, Amanda Darling, Dave Dupre, Manrico Mincuzzi,

Absent: Michael Hobson, Primo Rivera

1. Argentina Issues – Oliver related that Argentina is experiencing some issues. This appears to be an issue of disagreeing over interpretation of rules and judging criteria. The BOD recommendation was to schedule a judging school as soon as possible. This will allow competitors to understand the criteria for judging.

2. 2023 IJS – We will do another Virtual IJS for 2023. Primo was unavailable but is working on a flyer for the upcoming IJS.

3. 2022 Nat’s - Amanda Darling 17 pilots were in attendance, and all had a great time. The weather was great for the contest. The team did am amazing job, and the contest was well executed by all members of the team. There was a fireworks display for all including AMA staff. Sponsors were well represented, and we will send thank you notes to them. Some sponsors are onboard for 2023 already.

4. 10% Rule – Primo was unavailable for this discussion. We may need to clarify these rules to address what it is that is allowed to be flown at a contest. It has come to our attention we have an extra clause that conflicts and may have been an oversight when the rule was written or changed in a previous rule cycle. We will need to address this in the next rules cycle.

5. General Discussion – Toby shared the Scorepad system is being tested in the North Central region. There is more testing needed but this looks promising. A sample will be made available in the near future.

6. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

July Checking Balance – $27,849.05

July PayPal Balance - $27,081.64

Total assets - $54,930.69

7. Regional Reports

NE – 3 contests in June including Canada. Lower numbers are being seen due to the cost of gas. 27th year of a contest in Maine with great weather and looking forward to more contest in the next couple of months. The regionals will be held in a central location this year.

SE – South East doing great, several contest done and a few more on the calendar. The SE vs SC has more SE guys sign up but Amanda is working on some other pilots. I will not cancel the event if we can't have enough pilots from both sides.  The club is looking forward to having us there.NC – NATS was held in Muncie and Amanda did a great job. Our last contest had 19 pilots in attendance, and it was great fun. We will have more contests in Michigan where we hope to see our Canadian members. The automated score system seems to be a great success so far.

NW – We had two contests since last report.  Othello and Red Deer, Alberta Canada.  Attendance is down, 8 and 13.  Still lacking new pilots. No other issues.

EU – Contests are being held and attendance is doing well. The war is not seeming to be affecting attendance currently. Pilots are coming back after covid.

SC – South Central is doing good the gas prices are keeping our numbers down but still getting out there and flying. Competitors are sharing rides to help with the cost of travel. 2 more contests in Kansas and we will have another SC vs SE contest.

SW- SW Region Report

We are into the Monsoon Season here in the Southwest. High temperatures and high humidity are par for the course. 

We have 4 contests remaining then the Regional Finals November 12th and 13th in Lake Havasu. Rebel BBQ will again cater the Saturday evening pilot banquet.

AP – None Submitted by Michael:

LA – LA is not very active currently. Mexico is having some contests. Judging schools are being held and attended well.