Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday Aug 15, 2022

Attendees: Doug Pilcher, Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Adi Kochav,

Brian Webb, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Michael Hobson. Oliver Soto, Dave Dupre, Michael Hobson

Absent: Amanda Darling, Manrico Mincuzzi

1. Expanding Memberships – Discussion centered on how we can expand our membership base. Adi related several ideas on how to make membership more desirable to those who are not members at this time. The desire is to gain more members. In certain countries we have fliers who participate in our events but are not members of IMAC. The thought is that we need to do all we can to increase participation at events and if we do the memberships will follow. We didn’t want to make membership mandatory to participate in IMAC events. Rick will create a letter that we will send to all participants in our events. This letter will outline benefits of membership and let folks know what we do and how it can help them.

2. Scoring System – Beta testing has started in the Southwest Region so we can get some real-world testing at events. A manual will be available that is being developed. We are working on a video that will outline the use of the software on iPad. The requirements for this are available easily and it uses Bluetooth technology. This is based on the SCORE system we presently use for our scoring, but potentially allows for entry by the judge without a scribe.

3. Website – We have had some recent movement on the website. Dan is continuing to work on the website.

4. General Discussion – IJS will be 28-29 Jan 2023 and a flyer will be forthcoming. Also, the BOD was asked to submit articles for the newsletter. Nominations for all officers will open Sept. 1, 2022, and close on 30 Sept with voting to commence 1 Oct 2022 and close at midnight 14 Oct 2022.

5. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

August Checking Balance – $25,308.76

August PayPal Balance - $29,303.38

Total assets - $54,612.14

Regional Reports

NE – 2 contests with 10 or so participants. Canadians have been traveling down to Maine for a contest. Hoping for more participation in our regionals coming up.

SE – Great year so far with 5 contests averaging 12 participants. 2 new members with 5 more contests scheduled as well as our regionals in November.

NC – We had 19 pilots at Saranac. We had 2 contests in Canada with good numbers as well. We will have 2-3 new contests next year. The scoring system is working well in testing so far.

NW – Couple of contests in the last month with Canada and Molalla Oregon. Contest in Idaho next weekend. Brian will be resigning as RD and is looking for his replacement.

EU – Adi gave the report for Manrico. The recent contest in Poland was a great success. Hungary is starting to have basic pilots at contests. France will be having a contest soon. Germany is starting to be active.

SC – No Report

SW- Heat season is in full swing with contests in northern California and there will be a contest in AZ coming up. Participation has been excellent, and folks are looking forward to the Tucson Shootout.

AP – Things are going well in Australia. NZ is active as well. Japan will be visited soon and will be represented at the shootout. Queensland is now becoming active as well. The ASAA is handling some issues of bad conduct during events.

LA – Argentina is making strides towards resolving the issues from last month. Mexico is waking up and becoming more active. Judging school has been held in an effort to standardize judging. Things are looking good.