Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday October 17, 2022

Attendees: Doug Pilcher, Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Brian Webb, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Rich Whitlow, Michael Hobson. Oliver Soto,

Absent: Adi Kochav, Dave Dupre

Guest: Dan Carroll


  1. Website – Dan was gracious enough to join us to show the progress he has made on the new design website. We expect the system to be operational by November 18th, 2022, for content sharing and fully operational by January 1st, 2023, to include Event manager module and Points system.
  1. Election Finalization points – NC and NW both had elections for Regional Director. Tim Cooper won in the Northwest over Gordon Wilhelm. Toby Silhavy won in the North Central over Aaron Schrader.
  1. IMAC document changes prior to January 1 – This item was presented at last meeting for the BOD to individually review the current IMAC Documents be reviewed for any changes that may be needed prior to January 1st, 2023, and all agreed our current IMAC documents were still current and valid with no changes needed. (Contest Standards V.11, IRPS documents standard and senior points race, CD Checklist, Novice Class Document,
  1. Need for Rules “Clarification” Issue - Rick Crow met with Tony Stillman from the AMA to change the rule containing conflicting lines in current rules related to this issue. For 2023 we have asked the Rules committee for Scale RC Aerobatics to clarify the rule regard section 3.1 to ensure that non-IAC type aircraft are allowed i.e., pattern aircraft.


Post BOD meeting update: This rule went to the committee for a clarification vote on 18 October after the BOD meeting.

  1. General Discussion – US FAA is working to allow for no altitude restrictions at US sanctioned events in the future. Still working through the Class G restrictions and hoping for resolution soon on all fronts. This is likely to happen post November elections.
  1. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

October Checking Balance – $22,716.30

October PayPal Balance -      $31,805.74

Total assets -             $54,522.04




Regional Reports

NE – No report

SE – No report

NC – No report

NW – We had our regional finals, 12 total pilots.  The weather was great. all had a good time.  Small controversy as the intermediate winner in the regional points final had two contest un apposed and only flew against two pilots all year.  The decision was to award first based on the IMAC rule book. Tim Cooper won the election for the next NWRD

EU – In Europe, despite the war and a growing inflation rate, we are experiencing a positive comeback of energy versus IMAC.  It seems that, after the compulsory Covid stop, the willingness to go back to a normal life and flying habits is really strong. The year ended normally in all countries. The new year is almost completely designed.  We organized the first edition of the Europeans in Poland, and the Euro Cup has already five Open Competitions lined up, while another two or three are under design.

SC – We have 2 more contests coming up. The Bato Rouge - Bayou Bash IMAC is scheduled for Oct 29th and 30th. Also, the Regional Finals are scheduled for Abilene the following week. The awards are purchased and will be given to the new RD, Tim Hughes, who will distribute the awards at the finals. We have the majority of next year’s contests preliminarily scheduled, waiting for the final Nat’s dates. Danny Powell has spearheaded this and gotten most dates put together.

SW- As we approach the holidays and the Southwest Regional finals are right around the corner, I wanted to take a minute to recap the 2022 season and acknowledge some of the key participants that make the 2022 season possible.

A big thanks to the RC clubs and BOD’s that hosted contests in 2022... Hemet Model Masters, Desert Hawks RC Club, Chino Valley Flyers, Riverside RC Club, Florence Aero Modelers club, the Remote Possibilities RC Club and the Tucson Radio Control club.

A note of thanks to the Contest Directors and assistants that administrated the contests... Kim Quenette, AJ Jaffe, Dave White, Mark Dennis, Mike Hicks, Kevin Garland, Mike Croft, Dale Grant and so many others.

The pilots and their families that participated

Not counting our regional finals and the Nat’s... we staged 16 contests in 2022. We average 15 pilots per contest with a high of 21 pilots and a low of 7 pilots. We added St. George Utah (Remote Possibilities RC Club) back to the Southwest calendar and we picked up Kim Quenette as a contest director. AJ Jaffe was able to add a 2nd Bakersfield contest for the fall. Looking forward to the 2023 season with Kevin Garland leading the Southwest Region as the new Regional Director!

AP – No report

LA – There is refreshing news for the region this month: new contests are starting to sprout: 

 In October the 23rd IMAC Colombia held an IMAC Starters boot contest with a really good turn up. There’s a new coming IMAC Starters already scheduled for late November. In October the 28th Chile will hold the Aconcagua cup, which outweighs average contests due to the fact this is a binational contest which will feature the attendance of pilots from both Chile and Argentina. During November IMAC México will have its nationals in Querétaro. In other news, the Latin America BOD is working in a method to build from the ground a lineup of judges that are not pilots themselves to alleviate the extra workload that comes to pilots that are competing but also need to keep up with the extra chores for the contest.