Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes
Monday November 14, 2022
Attendees: Doug Pilcher, Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Brian Webb, Primo Rivera,
Toby Silhavy, Rich Whitlow, Michael Hobson. Oliver Soto,
Absent: Dave Dupre, Rick Crow
Guest: Dan Carroll, Tim Cooper, Kevin Garland, Tim Hughes
1. Welcome to Guests and Newly elected RD’s
2. Website – The New Website will be ready to deploy on 18-Nov-2022. A lot of new features as
well. Look and feel is more modern. A lot of online content is there, judging and knowns etc.
Regions need to keep up their content.
3. Budget for 2023 – Fairly similar to 2022 with Minor exceptions.
4. Nat’s 2023 – 28 July-31 July in Muncie. Primo will be in charge this year.
5. IRPS Changes for 2023 – Jacques Telles presented that some regions are seeing pilots win
regional events and RPS while competing against no pilots. A proposal was presented by Jacques
as an example. Discussion was held on the topic and a proposal will be presented to the BOD in
December. Any Final decision will need to be presented and approved prior to 1 Jan 2023. A
motion was made to remove all references to the Novice Class. This motion passed and was
6. General Discussion – Israel intends to do a Freestyle contest and asked for IMAC BOD approval
to have this associated with IMAC. This would be a one-time trial exception for an event in Israel
in Apr 2023. This was conditionally approved by the BOD pending a proposal from Adi which will
be forthcoming.
7. Treasurer’s report
Cash on hand
November Checking Balance – $ 22,044.05
November PayPal Balance - $33,046.83
Total assets - $55,090.88
Regional Reports
NE – No Report
SE – Just finished season during a hurricane. Regionals for next year location has been established. Many
new basic pilots this year and more contests next year.
NC – Just met with ARD’s 17 contests next year. Online judging schools and season will be longer next
year. Promoting cross region competition.
NW – All put away for the winter in the NW, Tim Cooper will be taking over in January 2023
EU – Boot camps and judging schools are being held to support the European Championships which will
be in August 2023 with over 100 competitors in Poland.
SC – Finished the regionals. Schedule for 2023 is coming together. New RD Tim Hughes is coming on
board and Rich will help out along the way.
SW- Meeting with all CD’s in December and get 2023 schedule worked through
AP – Last competition held until Feb 2023.
LA – Chile event was held with a good number of pilots. Columbia had an event as well. Mexico will be
holding an event in December.