Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Monday December 12, 2022

Attendees: Doug Pilcher, Alex Dreiling, Jim McCall, Rick Crow, Jacques Telles, Brian Webb, Primo Rivera, Toby Silhavy, Rich Whitlow, Michael Hobson. Oliver Soto, Rick Crow

Absent: Dave Dupre, Primo Rivera

Guest: Tim Cooper, Kevin Garland, Tim Hughes

  1. Website Member Lookup and Update – Dan has emailed a website update outlining the next steps. Member Lookup is now available to all RD’s. We will continue working through the issues with the new website and continue to get the event manager up and running by the January 1st target date.
  2. Budget for 2023 – Budget which was presented in Novembers meeting was approved formally for 2023.
  3. IRPS 2023 – Final Draft presented by SW RD for a change to the current IRPS to line out a bonus points system for pilots competed against within a given contest. This would help when a pilot flies against himself only in a contest for the 1000 points. Discussion was held on the topic. Motion was approved. The final new IRPS Points system document will be added to the website by Doug and JT will announce to the membership.
  4. Mass Registration – Began in 2019 was supposed to go for 2 years. With the new website we may need to change this process. Should this be continued? Discussion was held on this topic. Motion was passed to continue mass registration for 2023. Each RD will send in one list of mass registrations, per region for international members. The fee per member will be $20, There must be 10 NEW members to activate, RD’s will receive the money and transfer it as a single payment to IMAC with spreadsheet of members (Site accounts MUST BE preset up by renewing members).
  5. K2 Awards – Discussion was held on a proposal to have K2 awards do all trophies for IMAC and we determined we would not pursue the proposal. Regions will continue to source trophies for themselves individually.
  6. ISC committee – Brad Davy has agreed to chair the committee and has asked all RD’s to submit 2 members per region to participate. Visio is being phased out by Microsoft and we will pursue an open-source platform known as OpenAero. Brad will facilitate training all members of the committee. Brad will be asked to come up with a job description and estimate of the time needed to be spent to remain part of the committee.
  7. General Discussion - Asia Pacific would like us to add a clause to the by-laws allowing the BOD and ISC committees to have complimentary memberships as has been done in the past. However, this is not written anywhere. This will be discussed by the incoming 2023-24 BOD.
  1. Treasurer’s report

Cash on hand

December Checking Balance – $51,486.02

December PayPal Balance -      $ 5,008.27

Total assets -                 $56,494.29




Regional Reports

NE – No Report

SE – Had a Fantastic Regionals at Mac Hodges. 21 pilots despite the hurricane. Had some great prices to give away, and the DA120 raffle was a hit. The SE schedule is 90% complete with one more new contest.

NC – Preparing for a big season next year, starting earlier and finishing later and will be moving into new areas. Will be holding several judging clinics and in person schools in both Muncie and Canada with Bill Teeters help.

NW –Tim Cooper will be taking over in January 2023.  Tim is starting to work on the schedule

EU – Despite the war going on we are seeing 2023 numbers will bounce back. Participation is improving. Europeans will be held in Poland with 125 pilots. Israel is holding a freestyle event.

SC –Schedule for 2023 is coming together. New RD Tim Hughes is coming on board and Rich will help along the way.

SW- CD meeting was held for 2023 to coordinate schedules. 2023 calendar is ready to go. Kevin is taking over for 2023.

AP – No report

LA – Brazil and Argentina held year end events. New reports coming for the newsletter. Growing membership. Columbia’s numbers are increasing also with 15 new members. Members are seeing value in being a member.